Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2019 Webinar Series! 2 webinars in the next few days!

Al's Comment:

 We have one this Sunday and Wednesday!  Both have excellent speakers.  Sunday is on Immunotherapies, Wednesday is on Onc-201 for DIPG and H3K27M mutant gliomas.

Posted on: 05/09/2019

Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2019 Webinar Series!        

 This is a good opportunity to meet the experts and ask questions! 

  • 5/12/2019: SUNDAY 7pm Eastern Time.
    Manmeet Ahluwalia, MD, FACP
    Associate Director and Head of Operations, Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, Cleveland Clinic.
    Professor, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
    Topic: Immunotherapy of brain tumors with an emphasis on: The SurVaxM Vaccine, Checkpoint Inhibitors and Toca 511 
  • 5/15/2019: WEDNESDAY 7pm Eastern Time.
    Speaker: Wolfgana Oster, MD PhD
    CEO, Oncoceutics
    Topic: Onc-201 for DIPG and H3K27M mutant gliomas! 
  • 5/19/2019: SUNDAY 7pm Eastern Time
    Harry Gruber, MD 
    President, Tocagen
    Topic: Toca 511 
  • 5/26/19: SUNDAY 7pm Eastern Time
    Joseph Zabramski, MD 
    Emeritus Professor, Neurosurgery, Barrow Neurological Institute
    Topic: Gamma Tiles 
  • Go to for details and to participate!


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