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Saturday, September 25, 2021
Issue 5839

The most important bill ever introduced into congress for brain tumor patients needs your support!
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  • Novel Virus Targeting Deadly Brain Tumors Shows Early Promise         This is the first use of neural stem cells to help deliver an oncolytic virus. Early results look good, but of course need to be studied in a larger trial!

  • xINFORM - Personalized Treatment Options Software         I think that all patients should sign up for this service. It is free to you (and you can get a $100 gift card if you do the survey after getting the options report).  It is useful even if you do not need to make a decision immediately - the records will be in place and organized so if a recurrence happens - you are not left scrambling to find and organize everything. 1. It will help you organize your medical records.  xINFORM takes medical records as PDF files and extracts the important information into a structured format that is easy to read.  xINFORM will automatically update the records as needed (if you give your permission - otherwise you can upload the records periodically).   It then provides you with ideas for treatments. These can be clinical trials, experimental treatments, off label cocktails or standard treatments.  You can update the list of options whenever something changes.  2. It helps your doctors - they can see at a glance the important information about your medical history, and our report helps narrow down the hundreds of possibilities to a managable few. And finally if you and your doctor decide to pursue a treatment via expanded access or under the right to try laws, our team can help with the paperwork and phone calls - saving your doctor a lot of time and aggravation!  Your doctor can get access to a different xCures program where they can manage multiple patients through the process if they like. 3. Your participation helps all other patients with a similar case. We observe what treatments you do and the outcome so we can identify treatments that are working - and those that are not working.  Every individual is different of course - but in the case of cancer - playing the odds  of trying what worked better in similar cases is better than finding an article on the internet and trusting it.

  • Sunday's 9/26/21 webinar is postponed!         Unfortunately we had a scheduling problem and have to cancel tomorrow’s webinar. The webinar was going to be on Kiyatec's newly approved test called 3D Predict.  I wanted to tell our patients about the test, and we will have the webinar as soon as possible. This test is the best way to tell if Temozolomide is going to be worth using or not in your particular case. It is more accurate than MGMT testing. Of course it is not perfect, but just better than MGMT testing. It will also test other drugs and tell you which may work the best.  It requires a tumor sample, so f you are going to have a surgery, it is worth considering asking your doctor about ordering this test. For details see http://kiyatec.com/

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