We need your supprt for the Promising Pathway Act

Al's Comment:

I feel that this is the most important bill we have ever came across for brain tumor patients. 

 We need tens of thousands of people to do this to have a chance of a quick passage of this bill. Please pass it along on social media - facebook, twitter and even TikTok!

Contact me if you have questions about this bill!  musella@virtualtrials.com


Posted on: 06/29/2020

 We need your supprt for the Promising Pathway Act

This act will speed up the search for the cure, increase the amount of research on brain tumors, and may help keep prices down on new drugs!  If passed quickly, there will be new treatments available in months instead of years.
Go to virtualtrials.com/activism.cfm for a simple way to send the message to your legislators!  
Please pass this along to your friends!



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