Al's Comment:

 This grant will be combined with grants from many other charities, and it will allow the onc201 program to reopen soon for a few months. After that we will try to fund it on a month to month basis as long as needed (until FDA approval).

Posted on: 07/08/2020

 Musella Foundation awards another brain tumor research grants!     

This grant to the Dragon Masters Foundation is a collaborative effort among a group of brain tumor foundations to reopen the Onc-201 expanded access program. 
  The program closed to new patients recently, as our $1 million pledge was cancelled after 3 payments of $250,000 each. The costs were much higher than expected as more kids and young adults were accepted into the program than was planned, and furthermore, they used the drug much longer than expected.  All together, our $750,000 grant allowed 130 patients to get access to this potentially life saving drug.  Some of these patients has amazing responses - it was definitely worth the cost.

  We are now going to try to keep the program going month to month so this $25,000 donation is just a start. We need help raising more money!  We hope to keep it open until the FDA approves the drug.  Aside from donations, you can help speed up the approval by going to and sending letters to your legislators! It is a quick and easy process. Should take 3 minutes.



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