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Starting the new year out right:   Musella Foundation awards three brain tumor research grants and reopens the brain tumor treatments copayment assistance program!
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Posted on: 01/01/2021


Musella Foundation awards three brain tumor research grants and reopens the brain tumor treatments copayment assistance program!

Hewlett, NY 1/1/2021 - The Musella Foundation is pleased to announce that we have awarded 3 brain tumor research grants in the total amount of $130,000.  
The projects:
  • $75,000 grant to Dr Michael Castro for the project: “Reversal of MHC1 loss in patients with glioblastoma”.   Dr Castro has a theory about why immunotherapies are not working for Glioblastomas. He thinks that most Glioblastomas have a loss of MHC1 (Major histocompatibility complex 1 – which are needed to launch an immune response). He is trying to find a solution to this problem. If successful this can quickly have a major impact  and perhaps we can finally make giant steps toward the cure like we have seen with using immunotherapies with other cancers.
  • $30,000 to Dr. Sion Ll. Williams at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, FL for the project: “Somatic Genetic Variation in Mitochondrial DNA in Patients with Glioblastoma”. Dr. Williams is using new technology to look at genomic mutations in the mitochondrial DNA to look for new ways to treat these tumors.
  • $25,000 to the DIPG Collaborative to help fund research into pediatric DIPGs and DMGs.  The DIPG Collaborative consists of over 25 nonprofit organizations, all working together to find the best research in the world, and fund projects larger than each of us could do on our own.


We have reopened our brain tumor treatment copayment assistance program!

 This program helps patients get access to the treatments they need when they have trouble paying the high deductibles or copayments.  We just increased our income guidelines for 2021. For example, a family of 4 can make up to $128,750 a year and qualify. Qualifying patient receive a grant of up to $5,000 per year which can be used to help pay for Avastin, Temodar, Optune, Gliadel or their generics. For details and to apply, go to  We have awarded over $7.4 million in grants since we started and this program had a major impact in the lives of many patients. Do not feel embarressed by applying for help. We are here to reduce your stress level and most families are going to have financial problems when dealing with a brain tumor.
Patient Navigation Program:
I also want to remind you about our patient navigation program. We have partnered with Cancer Commons and xCures to give you the opportunity to find the best treatment options for your specific case.  As with all of our programs, there is never any charge to you for this service. For details and to get started, go to  
About the Musella Foundation
The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization dedicated to speeding up the search for the cure of brain tumors, as well as helping families deal with the diagnosis of brain cancer, by funding innovative brain tumor research, education, advocacy, emotional and financial support for families that are dealing with brain tumors and organizing the brain tumor community to work together as an army to fight the disease.


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