Al's Comment:

 This is a market research study to look at the decision making involved when considering Optune. They are looking for patients who were prescried Optune but did not yet decide if they want to try it.  There is a payment for your time, and the Musella Foundation will get a small donation.  Let me know if you participate in the phone interview!


Posted on: 02/16/2021

Are you Considering Optune Therapy for GBM?

Market Research Study Opportunity
Pinpoint Patient Recruiting is looking for patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and/or their caregivers to participate in a 60-minute interview about their experiences as part of a market research study.  People who qualify and complete the interview will receive $125 for their time and participation. The identity and responses of all participants will be kept confidential.
The study is specifically wanting to speak with people who have been prescribed Optune by a physician but have not yet made a decision of whether to begin treatment.
To see if you qualify or to get more information please fill out the form at and we will contact you for a brief screening call shortly. You may also contact Pinpoint Patient Recruiting directly at 919-228-9367.


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