Al's Comment:

 This is good news for the Gliovac vaccine: the FDA said the phase 2 data (for recurrent glioblastoma) looks so good that the FDA wants the company to stop the phase 2 trial early and get started on the phase 3 trial with the assumption that if the phase 3 trial turns out good, the FDA will approve Gliovac.

Howevr, I look at it differently. If the FDA says the phase 2 data is so good, and I know from previous reports that there were no significant side effects, why can't the FDA just stop the trial, and approve the vaccine so everyone can benefit.  The vaccine has doubled the median survival which is unheard of in brain tumor trials. Most of the other immunotherapies that are promising help a small % of the patients, so the median survival doesn't move.  

This vaccine is available under the right to try program now.  For details go to or contact me and we can help facilitate the process.

Posted on: 04/09/2021

ERC-USA Announces FDA Recommendation for Early Termination of Phase 2 Clinical Trial of ERC1671 (Gliovac or Sitoiganap) and Application for Registration Trial for Treatment of Glioblastoma


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