Al's Comment:

Very interesting concept. They did a mathematical model of numerous biomarkers to try to figure out which is best for an individual patient with newly diagnosed, methylated MGMT Glioblastoma: Temozolomide, Lomustine or the combination of the 2.  In general the combination was best for most but there are cases where one or the other drug alone was better than the combination.  Theoretically, they could predict which path to take, improving the effects of chemotherapy, and in some cases, minimizing unneeded side effects. It has to be tested in patients to make sure it works, but this is the type of research we need. Figure out why and in which patients treatments work instead of blindly using the same treatments on everyone.

Posted on: 06/09/2021

Combination chemotherapy versus temozolomide for patients with methylated MGMT (m-MGMT) glioblastoma: results of computational biological modeling to predict the magnitude of treatment benefit


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