Al's Comment:

 This is a new test that will be available starting today!  It can acurately predict which of several drugs would work best for your tumor, including Temodar.   The research has shown that in some Glioblastoma cases patients with unmethylated MGMT (whom we assume would not respond well to Temodar), this test predicted that it would work, and those patients did well. On the other hand, some patients with methylated MGMT (whom we think should do well with Temodar), this test said they would not respond and they did not.   It can also tell if Lomustine alone is a better choice than Temodar alone, and that the combination of Temodar and Lomustine is sometimes worse than one of them alone, and in other cases is the best choice.

The test requires live tumor cells so you need to set it up a few days before your surgery so the surgeon can request a test kit. (Or if he already has the test kits, you just need to request the test).  I do not know the cost and if it is covered yet, so ask your doctor to check for you. I will have a webinar about this test on August 22nd. More details as it gets closer.     If you do the test, please tell us about your expeirence.

Posted on: 07/21/2021

KIYATEC Marks Glioblastoma Awareness Day by Initiating Use of 3D Predict Glioma Test Outside of Clinical Study


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