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This is quick and easy.    We need you to sign a petition on to help speed up the search for pediatric cancers, including brain cancers! Our friends at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation are spearheading this campaign! This literally took me 10 seconds to do.  

Posted on: 08/28/2021

Did you know?

Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in children, and among all cancer diagnoses in kids under 15, brain tumors are both the deadliest and most common.

We need your help to change these facts.

The Musella Foundation is proud to join the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, in cooperation with CNN National Correspondent Rene Marsh and others in the community, in the #CancelChildhoodCancer citizen petition campaign.
Here are 3 simple ways you can join us in taking action right now:
1. Sign the petition at
2. Share the petition on social media using the #CancelChildhoodCancer hashtag and tag 5 friends
asking them to sign
3. Add the #CancelChildhoodCancer frame to your Facebook profile photo with a description and
link to the
Together, we can make childhood cancer a national priority. Thank you for joining us to #CancelChildhoodCancer.
Al Musella, DPM
Musella Foundation


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