Al's Comment:

 They released data from the recurrent H3 K27M mutated diffuse midline gliomas.  This is a really bad prognostic group - amoung the worst of the worst with no effective treatment. They reported a 20% response rate with a 11.2 month duration of response.   There was only one serious adverse effect that may possibly have been related to the drug out of the 50 patients.    20% may not sound like much but it is a big step forward. Much better than 0%. And this is only the beginning.  Hopefully this is good enough to get FDA approval, then we will be able to experiment with combinations and find the right way to use the drug.  Onc-201 will be at the heart of any combinations and we should quickly be able to find ways to make it work better!

Posted on: 11/04/2021

Chimerix Announces Positive Topline Results for ONC201 in Recurrent H3 K27M-mutant Glioma


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