Al's Comment:

 DNX-2401 is an experimental  oncolytic virus in trials for adult and pediatric brain tumors. They report promising results in a small DIPG trial:  25% response rate (using RAPNO) with tumor reductions in 75%.   Under RAPNO guidelines, the tumor has to shrink 25% in DIPG to be considered a "response".  (This is 50% in other types of brain tumors). So 1/2 of cases had some tumor shrinkage but did not hit the 25% reduction level. This is still very good. It is very hard to get a response in DIPG.  Median survival was 17.8 months with 3 (out of 12) patients still alive at the cutoff date. Historical survival rates are about 9-12 months for DIPG so this compares favorably.

My thoughts: this will be very useful, but by itself is not enough. I feel the same way about Onc-201.  We need to get these treatments approved by the FDA so we can try combinations - that is how we will find the cure.

Posted on: 11/22/2021

DNAtrix Announces Oral Presentation of Positive Overall Survival Data with DNX-2401 in DIPG at the Society for Neuro-oncology (SNO) Annual Meeting


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