Al's Comment:

 This is the largest quality of life study on Optune. Earlier studies focused on the early part of the cancer journey where concerns such as irritation from the arrays or the hassle of shaving the head and carrying around a device held down the quality of life benefit of Optune.  However, this study points out the obvious - what I have been saying for years:   the most significant quality of life benefit is the ability to walk, talk and think for longer periods of time. This study shows that by extending the progression free survival time, you keep the quality of life high for longer period of time. Other studies have shown that Optune increases the progression free survival time and the survival time - so it makes sense that using Optune will allow brain tumor patients to experience higher quality of life for a longer period of time!  This study had many patients out a long time since diagnosis that have not had a recurrence and they maintained quality of life a lot longer than we common in the pre-Optune era!


Posted on: 12/22/2021

Health-Related Quality of Life for Patients Receiving Tumor Treating Fields for Glioblastoma


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