Al's Comment:
This is a new way to deliver Tumor Treating Fields (TTF).  The current approach, called Optune, uses arrays placed on the patient's shaved head.  The huge advantage is that it is noninvasive - no surgery required and nothing is implanted - and has been proven to have a major increase in survival.    The downside is you have to shave your head, wear the arrays and be connected by a wire to a device for a few years. Worse - you have to make the decision to do this early in your treatment journey - before it really sinks in how bad a Glioblastoma is. I find some people turn it down because they don't want others to know about their disease - only to relent when it is too late and they are in bad shape.
This new way (which is experimental and not yet available) implants electrodes into the brain, and is powered by an external source. They were not clear on if there is a battery that gets recharged wirelessly or if the device only works while it is being charged from the outside - but those details can hopefully eventually be fixed so that perhaps you have a charging device built into your pillow and recharge at night.  This would make it more convenient to use - but at the cost of having a surgery and a permanent implant in your brain.   

Posted on: 07/23/2022

An implantable ultrasound-powered device for the treatment of brain cancer using electromagnetic fields


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