Al's Comment:

 The compassionate use program is for patients with pediatric diffuse midline glioma (DMG) and DIPG. OKN-007 is an experimental drug that works on the tumor microenvironment.  See for details.    

There are also clinical trials going on for this drug for both newly diagnosed and recurrent Glioblastoma. I am excited about this drug - as we (the Musella Foundation) gave them one of their first brain tumor research grants to get this drug started 9 years ago and have been keeping up with their research since then.

xCures is running the expanded access program for Oblato.  (Disclaimer: I am a paid consultant to xCures).  This program is being run the way all expanded access programs should be run - and the way we ran the original Onc-201 trial- collect the data from the patients the same as if in a regular trial so we can learn from every patient's experiences. This data can be used to confirm the data from the trials and hopefully speed up FDA and insurance approvals. 

If you have a pediatric DIPG or DMG, go to for details. For patients with Glioblastomas, contact our patient navigation program for help.

Posted on: 08/26/2022

xCures and Oblato announce the launch of a Compassionate Use program for OKN-007


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