Al's Comment:

 This new type of treatment - Sonodynamic therapy - is one of my favorites as it is so elegant.  A dye is given to the patient, and the dye accumulates mostly in the tumor cells.  Then they apply MRI guided focused ultrasound to the area of the tumor. The focused ultrasound excites the dye molecules which kills the tumor cells and leaves the normal cells unharmed. This is not invasive - the focused ultrasound it applied using a helmet like device.  The trial is now open for DIPG as well as Glioblastoma. Although we have no results yet, it is worth considering. Theoretically it harms only tumor cells, and can be repeated as often as needed.  

Posted on: 09/15/2022

SonALAsense Forges Ahead with First Patient Dosing for Devastating Childhood Brain Cancer


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