Al's Comment:

 The Musella Foundation has been a foundational partner of the DIPG/ DMG Collaborative for the last 6 years and we have helped them fund over $15 million dollars of research grants. All of them are special and important but this one is extra special to me.  Dr. Marcus has been working on Sonodynamic therapy for 20 years and has been able to cure mice with it.  He finally got to try it - with success - on adults with Glioblastoma recently and tried it on one child with a DIPG. He came to the Collaborative to ask for funding to launch a clinical trial in kids with DIPG and DMG.  In this video, he doesn't know that his request was approved - we spring it on him!  This is just 8 minutes long - worth watching!

Posted on: 11/14/2022

Musella Foundation collaborates with the DIPG/DMG Collaborative to give out $198,436 grant for a low side effect innovative clinical trial for DIPG/DMG

Click HERE to watch the video presentation of the grant to Dr. Marcus - as he explains his Sonodynamic Therapy project!


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