Al's Comment:

This is the results of our Onc-201 expanded access program for DIPG and DMG.  I am one of the authors! The results are outstanding. We compared patients in our registry with DIPG and DMG who took Onc-201 compared to those that did not take Onc-201 but instead did other treatments including clinical trials.  There was a significant increase in median survival, but more importantly there is a long tail of about 25% of the patients went on to do well, whereas those without Onc201 all died.  And this is only the start.  Once it gets FDA approved, we will be experimenting to find the best combinations and hopefully move that tail up to 100%!  There were a lot of interesting reports of treatments at SNO this week that might be amenable to combining with Onc-201, but the key is getting the approval from the FDA so we can try these combinations!   


The poster also shows that immune checkpoint inhibitors do well if used as part of the treatment plan. Trial after trial of them alone showed no benefit, but in our registry we looked at patients who used immune checkpoint inhibitors vs. those that did not, and those who used them had a much higher tail!  We just need to learn how best to use them, and our (Musella Foundation, Cancer Commons and xCures) registry  / patient navigation program is going to be the fastest way to figure it out!

Posted on: 11/19/2022

Real world clinical outcomes of patients with diffuse midline glioma in a longitudinal outcomes registry


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