• For Group Name - describe the group - for example: Brain tumor support group of NY
  • The contact person selected should have email access and be responsive to emails! It doesn't have to be the group leader - just someone in the group who checks email frequently!
  • Select a password - this lets you add special events later. Do not use a brain tumor related word - too easy to guess!
  • Phone and email are of the contact person!
  • Address / City / State /Zip / Country are of the meeting location.
  • Note the usual meeting day and time - for example: first thursday of the month at 8pm Sharp
  • You can change these as often as you like!
  • If you run more than 1 support group, set up a seperate listing for each.
Group Name:
Contact First Name:
Contact Last Name:
Select Password:
Meeting Address:
Usual Meeting Day / Time:

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