In memory of my dearest

Jesse Jaros

Jan 15, 1947 - July 20, 1996

Jesse Jaros
Legacy of Friends & Loved Ones
Newspaper Article
Comfort For Those Who Mourn
Parting is all we know of heaven
and all we need of hell.

E. Dickinson

 Jess Loved:

  • Work… for himself
  • People… for themselves
  • Family… for deep ties
  • Astronomy… for it’s vastness
  • Computers… for pure fun
  • Golf… for pleasure
  • Basketball... ditto
  • Monterey Jazz Festival… ditto
  • Music… ditto
  • America… for freedom
  • USMC… for honor
  • Irish Setters… for beauty
  • A touch of wine… for reflection
  • Ayn Rand… for integrity

He LOVED everything… and honored all.

As Time Goes By...

Three years have passed, my love.
I've missed all the wonder you brought to my life before you departed.
The tender moments, our quiet times.

What charms me now, my love,
Is the resilience of your memory in the hearts of all our true friends;
You made better souls of us all.

And no one has escaped the impact of you, my love.
It is amazing to imagine that one person could elevate so many to such heights.
You left us all better than we were without you.

That we all could be remembered so dearly, my love...

Jeannie J