The following is a list of brain tumor centers in Japan. All brain tumor patients should at least get a second opinion from a brain tumor center.
NEW: To be included on this list, the center must have at least one clinical trial listed on

Note: there are duplicate entries for the same hospital when the people entering the trial on spells the name of the facility differently.
So check for variations in the name, such as "New York University" and "NYU". Clicking these will lead to different trials. Check all variations in name!

Brain Tumor Centers in Japan

Aichi Aichi Cancer Center Hospital; Respiratory Medicine
Asahikawa-Shi Research site
Asaka Ep0083 116
BunkyÅ?-Ku Ep0083 127
Bunkyo-ku Research site
Bunkyo-ku The University of Tokyo Hospital
Bunkyo-ku Local Institution
Bunkyo-ku Juntendo University Hospital
Bunkyo-ku University of Tokyo Hospital
Chiba Novartis Investigative Site
Chiba Chiba Cancer Center /ID# 164375
Chiba, Kashiwa National Cancer Center Hospital East
Chiba-shi Chiba University Hospital
Chiba-shi Local Institution
Chiba-shi Research Site
Chuo ku Novartis Investigative Site
Chuo Ku National Cancer Center Hospital
Chuo-ku National Cancer Center Hospital /ID# 140435
Chuo-ku Local Institution
Ehime NHO Shikoku Cancer Center; Dept of Respiratory Medicine
Fukuoka National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center; Respiratory Internal Medicine
Fukuoka Kusyu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Fukuoka National Hospital Organization Kyushu Cancer Center
Fukuoka-shi Kyushu University Hospital
Fukushima-shi Fukushima Medical University Hospital
Hachinohe Ep0083 122
Hamamatsu Ep0083 111
Hamamatsu Ep0118 111
Hidaka Saitama Medical University International Medical Center
Hidaka Saitama Med Univ Int Med Ctr /ID# 140361
Hidaka-shi Local Institution
Hirakata Kansai Medical University
Hirakata-shi Local Institution
Hirosaki Hirosaki University School of Medicine
Hiroshima Hiroshima University Hospital
Hiroshima Hiroshima University Hospital /ID# 139399
Hiroshima Ep0083 110
Hiroshima-Shi Local Institution
Hokkaido Hokkaido University Hospital
Hyogo Hyogo Cancer Center, Dept of Respiratory Medicine
Isehara Research Site
Itami Ep0083 121
Itami Ep0118 121
Iwanuma Ep0083 125
KÅ?shi Ep0083 112
Kagoshima Ep0083 102
Kagoshima Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Kagoshima-shi Local Institution
Kanagawa Kitasato University School of Medicine
Kanazawa Kanazawa University Hospital
Kanazawa-shi Local Institution
Kashihara-shi Research site
Kashiwa National Cancer Center Hospital East
Kashiwa-shi National Cancer Center Hospital; Dept of Respiratory Medicine
Kawasaki St. Marianna University Hospital
Kawasaki-shi St.Marianna University Hospital
Kawasaki-shi Research Site
Kobe Ep0083 119
Kobe Local Institution
Kobe-shi Research site
Kodaira Ep0083 123
Kodaira-shi National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
Kokubunji Ep0083 115
Koto Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Koto ku Novartis Investigative Site
Kumamoto Kumamoto University Hospital /ID# 138558
Kumamoto-shi Local Institution
Kurume Ep0083 126
Kurume Ep0083 128
Kyoto Ep0083 124
Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Kyoto National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
Kyoto Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine
Kyoto Local Institution
Kyoto NHO Kyoto Medical Center /ID# 140437
Kyoto Kyoto University Hospital
Kyoto-shi Kyoto Prefect Univ Med /ID# 149093
Kyoto-shi Local Institution
Kyoto-shi Research Site
Matsuyama Shikoku Cancer Center
Mitaka-shi Local Institution
Mitaka-shi Kyorin University Hospital /ID# 140360
Miyagi Miyagi Cancer Center; Respiratory Medicine
Miyagi Sendai Kousei Hospital
Miyagi Tohoku University Hospital
Moriguchi-shi Kansai Medical University Medical Center
Morioka Iwate Medical University
Morioka-shi Iwate Medical University Hosp /ID# 149145
Nagaizumi Shizuoka Cancer Center
Nagakute Ep0083 105
Nagoya Ep0083 118
Nagoya Novartis Investigative Site
Nagoya Nagoya University Hospital
Nagoya Aichi Cancer Center Hospital
Nagoya-shi Nagoya University Hospital
Nagoya-shi Research Site
Nagoya-shi Nagoya University Hospital /ID# 138559
Nagoya-shi Local Institution
Nara Ep0083 117
Neyagawa Ep0083 129
Niigata Ep0083 106
Niigata Niigata Cancer Center Hospital; Internal Medicine
Okayama Okayama University Hospital
Okayama-shi Okayama University Hospital /ID# 148674
Okayama-shi Local Institution
Osaka Osaka Inter. Cancer Institute /ID# 148494
Osaka Kindai University Hospital; Medical Oncology
Osaka Novartis Investigative Site
Osaka Osaka International Cancer Institute
Osaka Ep0083 130
Osaka Kindai University Hospital
Ota-ku Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Organization Tokyo Metropolitan Ebara Hospital
Sagamihara-shi The Kitasato Institute Kitasato University Hospital
Sagamihara-shi Local Institution
Sagamihara-shi Kitasato University Hospital /ID# 148493
Saitama Ep0083 114
Sakyo-ku Kyoto University Hospital /ID# 163206
Sapporo Hokkaido University Hospital /ID# 150589
Sapporo Nakamura Memorial Hospital
Sapporo Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
Sapporo Ep0083 101
Sapporo Ep0083 113
Sapporo Hokkaido University Hospital
Sapporo-shi Local Institution
Sapporo-shi National Hospital Organization Hokkaido Medical Center
Sapporo-shi Research Site
Sapporo-shi National Hospital Organization Hokkaido Cancer Center
Sendai Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
Sendai Ep0083 103
Sendai-shi Tohoku University Hospital /ID# 138464
Sendai-shi Tohoku University Hospital
Sendai-shi Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Hospital
Setagaya-ku Novartis Investigative Site
Shimotsuga Dokkyo Medical University Hosp /ID# 150990
Shinagawa-ku Research Site
Shinagawa-ku Showa University Hospital
Shinjuku-ku Research Site
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital /ID# 140436
Shinjuku-ku Local Institution
Shizukawa Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine
Shizuoka Shizuoka Canser Center Hospital
Shizuoka Shizuoka Cancer Center; Respiratory Internal Medicine
Shizuoka Ep0118 104
Shizuoka Ep0083 104
Shizuoka Shizuoka Cancer Center
Suita Ep0083 107
Suita Ep0083 108
Suita Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Suita National Cerebral & Cardiovascular Center
Suita-shi Research Site
Suita-shi Osaka University Hospital /ID# 140438
Suita-shi Local Institution
Suita-shi Osaka University Hospital
Sunto-gun Shizuoka Cancer Center /ID# 148673
Tokyo Novartis Investigative Site
Tokyo Nihon University Itabashi Hosp /ID# 149385
Tokyo National Cancer Center Hospital
Tokyo The University of Tokyo Hospital
Tokyo Keio University Hospital
Tokyo Nihon University School of Medicine Itabashi Hospital
Tokyo Kyorin University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery
Tokyo Local Institution
Tokyo Sakakibara Heart Institute
Tokyo Nippon Medical School
Tokyo The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR
Tokyo Nihon University Itabashi Hospital
Tokyo Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital
Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Medical Center
Tokyo, Chuo-ku National Cancer Center Hospital
Tsukuba Tsukuba University Hospital /ID# 140433
Tsukuba-shi Local Institution
Tsukuba-shi University of Tsukuba Hospital
Ube-Shi Research site
Yachiyo-shi Tokyo Women's Medical University Yachiyo Medical Center
Yamagata Yamagata University Hospital
Yamagata Ep0083 109
Yamagata-shi Local Institution
Yokohama Ep0083 120
Yokohama Kanagawa cancer center
Yokohama-city Novartis Investigative Site
Yokohama-shi Research Site
Yonago Tottori University Hospital

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