We are in the process of upgrading to a new registry system that is integrated in to our Patient Navigation Program. You can use both systems - but if you only have time for one, use the new system (unless you live outside the USA - in which case continue to use this system!)

Brain Tumor Virtual Trial

The Brain Tumor Virtual Trial is a registry of brain tumor patients, the treatments they do and the outcome. We do NOT tell you what treatments to do - we just observe and analyze that you and your doctors decide to use.

The purpose is to find which treatments and combinations of treatments are working the best, and which are not. Participants get access to the ongoing results. (Of course, patient names are kept hidden).

All brain tumor patients are welcome to participate. The patient or a caregiver can enter the information. There is no cost involved, but you must commit to:

  • Update your records at least once a month. It should only take a few minutes each month. We send you a reminder when it is time, but you can also post an update every time you change medications or get an MRI report.
  • Send us a copy of each of your MRI reports, pathology reports and genetic profiles.

We will keep your information in the strictest confidence. We will NEVER use it to solicit donations. When the information is analyzed, your identification is hidden - your name will not be used, only your patient ID number that we assign to your case.

If you have any questions or problems or would like to request access to the data without registering as a patient, feel free to contact us.

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