Brain TumorSymptoms


This was the most common symptom, with 46% of the patients reporting having headaches. They described the headaches in many different ways, with no one pattern being a sure sign of brain tumor. Many - perhaps most - people get headaches at some point in their life, so this is not a definite sign of brain tumors. You should mention it to your doctors if the headaches are: different from those you ever had before, are accompanied by nausea / vomiting, are made worse by bending over or straining when going to the bathroom.


This was the second most common symptom reported, with 33% of the patients reporting a seizure before the diagnosis was made. Seizures can also be caused by other things, like epilepsy, high fevers, stroke, trauma, and other disorders. This is a symptom that should never be ignored, whatever the cause. In a person who never had a seizure before, it usually indicates something serious and you must get a brain scan.

A seizure is a sudden, involuntary change in behavior, muscle control, consciousness, and/or sensation. Symptoms of a seizure can range from sudden, violent shaking and total loss of consciousness to muscle twitching or slight shaking of a limb. Staring into space, altered vision, and difficulty in speaking are some of the other behaviors that a person may exhibit while having a seizure. Approximately 10% of the U.S. population will experience a single seizure in their lifetime.

Nausea and Vomiting

As with headaches, these are non-specific - which means that most people who have nausea and vomiting do NOT have a brain tumor. Twenty-two percent of the people in our survey reported that they had nausea and /or vomiting as a symptom.
Nausea and / or vomiting is more likely to point towards a brain tumor if it is accompanied by the other symptoms mentioned here.

Vision or hearing problems

Twenty-five percent reported vision problems. This one is easy - if you notice any problem with your hearing or vision, it must be checked out. I commonly hear that the eye doctor is the first one to make the diagnosis - because when they look in your eyes, they can sometimes see signs of increased intracranial pressure. This must be investigated.

Behavioral, cognitive and neuromuscular problems

Many reported behavioral and cognitive changes, such as: problems with recent memory, inability to concentrate or finding the right words, acting out - no patience or tolerance, and loss of inhibitions - saying or doing things that are not appropriate for the situation.
Problems with weakness of the arms, legs or face muscles, and strange sensations in your head or hands. Twenty-five percent reported weakness of the arms and/or legs. Sixteen percent reported strange feelings in the head, and 9% reported strange feelings in the hands. This may result in an altered gait (manner of walking), dropping objects, falling, or an asymmetric facial expression. These could also be symptoms of a stroke. Sudden onset of these symptoms is an emergency - you should go to the emergency room. If you notice a gradual change over time, you must report it to your doctor.

IF you think something is wrong, go see your doctor.

Explain that you are worried it is a brain tumor. Keep in mind that brain tumors are relatively rare compared to most other disorders, so the primary care doctor is not usually going to be thinking it is a brain tumor. They first think of more common causes of the symptoms. Sixty-four percent of the time, the doctor thought it was NOT a brain tumor when respondents first went to the doctor. More than half of the people reported that they had the symptoms for more than a month before the correct diagnosis of brain tumor was made. With malignant brain tumors, a delay of a month in starting treatment can make a major impact on the outcome.

We did a survey of our members who have a brain cancer. This is what they said:

SURVEY RESULTS (4,028 patients responded)

1. What type of brain tumor do you have?

Tumor Type



Acoustic Neuroma



Anaplastic Astrocytoma



Brainstem Glioma



Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)



Low Grade Glioma






Metastatic Brain Tumor






Other Benign Brain Tumor



Other Malignant Brain Tumor



2. Which of the following symptoms did you have which led to the diagnosis of your brain tumor?



60.58% of patients

Strange feeling in your head


50.60% of patients



40.27% of patients

Problems finding the right words


42.97% of patients

Weakness of the arm(s) or leg(s)


44.12% of patients

Nausea / vomiting


40.74% of patients

Problems with vision


44.81% of patients

Problems with sensation in your hands


35.48% of patients

Strange smells (that other people don't smell)


32.35% of patients

3. How long was it from the time of the first symptoms to the day you got the diagnosis of brain tumor?

Within First Week



2 Weeks



3 Weeks



4 Weeks



1-2 Months



2-4 Months



5-6 Months



7 Months to 1 Year



Over 1 year



4. Did your doctor know right away that you had a tumor, or was it misdiagnosed at first?

Diagnosis was made the first time I told the doctor about my symptoms



The doctor thought it was something else at first



5. Who made the decision to do the first brain scan?

My Doctor



I had to insist on it



6. What symptoms did you have that are not listed above.

  1. Tinnitus and noticing I might be going a little bit deaf. Realising I didn't immediately recognise people like I used to. And occasionally the ground would move under my feeltfor a split second.
  2. Tinnitus in both ears - a high pitched whistle noise and lately a noise just like a Hoover in my ear when I wake up. And every now and then the ground beneath my feet moves. I'm just standing there and the ground jerks causing me to wobble but not enough to actually fall over. Sometimes I get migraine aura - flashing colourful arcs in my vision. I feel like I'm wearing a hat that's a bit too tight. And I'm tired. And once my eyes got stuck focussing on different distances for a moment And then I had a sharp headache.
  3. Hearing decline, low mood, memory decline
  4. Dizzyness, falling(every single day) Pain in ears almost like middle ear infection.
  5. balance problems and vertigo
  6. vomitting
  7. Irritability weight loss seeing black dotts
  8. Earache
  9. Head feeling heavy and strange like it was flipping
  10. Problems with memory and speech. Unable to say the right words at the right time
  11. Migraines
  12. Right hand tremors occasionally for 4 years, before full seizure which led to diagnosis
  13. burning sensation in neck
  14. cold brain
  15. Swallowing, speaking, balance poor
  16. Gliosarcoma grade IV Behaviour change first. Little tolerance for people and family
  17. Tremor in my right hand but only when writing
  18. dizziness, tiredness, forgetfulness
  19. light headedness
  20. confusion, forgetting things, short term memory loss,exhaustion, impatience
  21. Vision
  22. mastoid bone pain, hear loss, ear fullness, vertigo, sinus blockage
  23. memory
  24. Nose bleeds
  25. Irritability, insomnia, lost of concentration, sleepyness
  26. "detachment" between left side of body (mostly arm, hand, etc.) and the brain. I had bright flashes and then a 'detached' feeling from left arm to brain.
  27. Metalic taste in mouth
  28. I was fatigued for years and thought I had ADD for about 8 months before diagnosis
  29. mild stroke-like feeling
  30. spacial problems examples walking in to traffic,putting on shirts, left to right, front to back
  32. stabbing internittment pain on the back part of my head stiffness of neck
  33. Change in taste buds. Everything tasted like it had pepper on it. I had been changing the order of my words in a sentence for about 3 years. Thought that wasn't normal.
  34. off balance trouble being awaken trouble getting to sleep chest pain numbness in pinky or thumb
  35. vertigo
  36. headaches,weakness
  37. Vertigo
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  40. Dizziness, onset of sudden pain in the head
  41. persistent worry...
  42. Epileptic seizure
  43. dizziness and drowsiness i didnt have full seizures though just shakes in my arms and legs which i was later told were actually minor seizures
  44. i am having signs of altimers.i am only 45 and no insurance and i really hurt bad
  45. Fatigue, Deppression
  46. personality change
  47. memory word recognition spelling
  48. pain in the crane, left side of the brain infrequent neausea
  49. Pressure in head, hurts worse when moving, neck pain.
  50. Hearing loss, dizziness, irritability.
  51. a little headaches and strange feelings in my head
  52. The only symptom was intermittent tingling on the left cheek
  53. Sweating, difficult to walk,gaining weight, feeling tired all the times&sever pain behind my butt&the left of my body.
  54. Feeling like something is not right, problems multitasking, working.
  55. I have a brown mark in the side of my left hand and feel is burning
  56. high anxiety!! bad dreams...crazy thoughts
  58. leaking breasts
  59. uncontrolled head movement, although fully aware failure to interact with environment(5-10secs)
  60. foot turned in and I had problems walking
  61. Focal seizures
  62. milk discharge from breast
  63. epilepsy
  64. yes periods stopped and hormonal imbalance
  65. hearing problem
  66. one foot turned outward when sitting on floor with feet extended during aerobic warmup exercise class dizziness left hand, fingers and arm was paralyzed for 10 min. after carrying a bucket of water
  67. some problems with balance. (I also had some symptoms for a long time that I didn't know were related until later such as hiccups and a strange feeling in my ear)
  68. dizziness, hearing loss
  69. Numb legs
  70. Memory problems.
  71. In the two years prior to being diagnosed my wife would occassionally wake me up and tell me that she heard a "clicking" in my head (only while I was sleeping and my head in a still position). She said it sounded similar to a pingpong ball being hit back and forth at exactly timed intervals between clicks (maybe 1 second or so). The clicking only stopped when she woke me up and the position of my head shifted. This happened about 8 to 10 times over a period of about 2 years.
  72. Mood disturbances, emotional outbursts, lip tingling, lightheadedness
  73. I had had an episode of vertigo which was diagnosed by my chiropractor as Menieres Disease about 5-6 years previously which may be related.
  74. loss of memory muscle spasms
  76. slurred speach
  77. mood swings, tingling lips, light headedness, dizzy, annunciation
  78. balance problems, falling, tremors rt. shoulder, arm, hand, diaphram.
  79. Left arm just hung at my 6 year old son's side. He could not use his fingers. His left foot dragged.
  80. burning sensation in the side of the head
  81. Mood Swings, light-headeness
  82. dizziness, eye "halos", neck pain, hearing loss
  83. Hearing loss
  84. stroke
  85. hearing problems,Behavioral and cognitive problems,drowsiness
  86. dull pain below the left ear
  87. numbeness down the whole sid eoofthe body
  88. balance, intentional tremors
  89. Dizzines
  90. felt like I was getting stupider...couldn't remember information-perform basic tasks-thought I had 'chemo' brain
  91. memory loss
  92. Only siezures Spasms of left stomach muscle area, then left leg numbness and finally progressed to shaking Had about 5 min warning. 5 doctors before an MA requested a MRI. First 1997- MRI in 2002
  93. feeling of Pressure in life situations
  94. Chronic neck pain Personalty changes Hugh weight gain
  95. hearing voices
  96. Incontinence, deep depression, ear-ache that lasted at least 6 months,lethargy, change in personality; all of which I was only treated for the symptoms and not the overall problem.
  97. I was noticing a loss of hair. Not an abundant amount but every mornig I would wake with 10 - 15 hairs lying there on my pillow. That has since stopped post surgery and treatment. I was not going bald by any means but it was always strange that I had unnoticable hair loss to everyone else but to me.
  98. I was lactating.
  99. I have no symptoms. 2.5cm tumor found during MRI for something else seven years ago. No growth.
  100. dizziness
  101. dizzy, see stars,
  102. melanoma
  103. swalling face, hives
  104. Grand Mall Seizure landed me in the ER resulting in a cat scan being done that showed the baseball size tumor. That's what LED to diagnosis. All the above syptoms had been experienced and reported for years but diagnosed as a variety of other things mostly psychiatric.
  105. we thought the symptoms were from a mini-stroke. Depression,anger,confusion.
  106. Anger management problems (i.e., inability to self-regulate emotions)
  107. strange loss of feeling in my right left side of face...flashing lights and horribel headache...put into hospital w/fle and release w/suggestion it was in my day my left eye closed!
  108. Drooping right eyelid. Slight bulging of eye.
  109. Involutary clenching of hand lasted approximately 30 seconds. Up to 4 times a day. Sometimes 2-3 days a week, sometimes 6-7 days a week.
  110. Hearing loss one side
  111. Inability to comprehend directions, or in what order to do a task when my wife would try to explain it,I would become angry. Just a few days after experiencing the above, I had a grand mal seizure which led to me being hospitalized.
  112. tingling down to my toes from my head on one side of my body. like electric shocks.
  113. Nausea was associated with motion. When I leaned over or sat up from bed I vomited.
  114. loss of balance
  115. Extreme Fatigue
  116. Pain in neck and back, limbs trembling
  117. Loss of balance; "pumping" or throbbing sensation like hearing heartbeat in right ear; flashing lights or aura around periphery of right eye.
  118. Dizziness, balance problems
  119. Tiredness
  120. Hitting the wrong keys on a computer keyboard.
  121. vertigo
  122. Yes. Chronic runny nose. (GBM is in the frontal lobe).
  123. Loss of Coordination in right arm
  124. Left side of face week and mouth drooping (GBM is in right temporal area)
  125. wide gait when walking at the age of 15 months, 3 small siezers, right head tilt every few minutes.
  126. Held left hand to chest with thumb pointing out sometimes. Couldn't explain why--it just felt good. Dragged left foot sometimes. Stumbled occasionally.
  127. confusion and strong auras that we had no name for at the time
  128. Pain behind eye
  129. Personality changes that my family noticed
  130. suffered mostly from vertigo and slow, gradule loss of balance, numbness of face not pronounced on either side..was sent home frm er, and was told it was probably skin cancer spot on forehead that caused numbness
  131. lethargy
  132. absent-mindedness problems with short-time memory problems with concentration
  133. My husband had only partial or focal seizures, which he described as being in a dreamlike state for a couple of minutes, feeling flushed all over his upper body, and smelling a terrible smell that he could not quite identify, but knew he had smelled somewhere before.
  134. Found out that when my daughter had strep throat and high fever two months before her surgery that she was blind for a little bit, but did not tell us this until several months later.
  135. Two dizzy spells in the 6 weeks prior to the grand mal seizure
  136. no headaches. i would get what felt like lightening striking my head at various times. so painful one time it literally felt like i had stopped breathing.
  137. fatigue, and loss of knowledge of where my left hand was if I wasn't looking at it. Also, going down stairs was difficult if I wasn't looking at the stairs.
  138. Visible Numbness in my face/mouth-just before CAT SCAN Recurring sinus infections for 2+yrs
  139. Yes, Mom had problems writing some things. When writing a grocery list for example, she could write "saran" but could not write "wrap". When she went to the ATM machine, she could put in her access code, but could not push the button requesting $50.
  140. Had mono at the same time so misdiagonesed as mono
  141. had difficulty with knowing the time of day, could not read words.
  142. Drooling and off balance
  143. Intermediate memory loss
  144. The patient's aphasia was not apparent to the her. She was not aware that her use of nouns was not appropiate to what she was trying to convey. To her, she was making perfect sense and was put off by the "fact" that there was something wrong with me that I could not understand her.
  145. Balance and feeling like I was in a fog.
  146. Difficulty writing, e.g. reading back what was written and finding it didn't make sense
  147. Aura
  148. Constant fatigue
  149. Left side of face drooped slightly. I spoke differently, at least according to my husband.
  150. some memory loss, then a grand mal seizure
  151. Words sounded garbled.
  152. Excrutiating facial pain..TN
  153. The Doctor was looking for a reason for unexplained fever, which had nothing to do with my brain tumor.
  154. missed monthly periods starting at age 42. Physicians thought I was going thru menopause, but bloodwork suggested otherwise. Elevated prolactin level led to MRI, hence meningioma discovered.
  155. unsteadiness,fatique
  156. loss of interest in hobbies and friend and family
  157. when I drove on the interstate,which would be faster than in town, I guess, I felt like the car was going off the road to the left.
  158. I am told that my symptoms are not related to the tumor, but no MD can tell me what is causing the symptoms. I have also had multiple head ijuries and probable Lyme D. Other symptoms include dizziness, balance problems, short term memory problems, both short term and remote, visual sensations, difficulty learning new material, fibromyalgia, pressure in the head, cold sensation on face, numbness in different parts of body and The left eye is drooping, cramping in numerous parts of my body. As I said, none of these symptoms are attributed to the tumor.
  159. Don't know as my daughter was only 1 year old at time of diagnosis.
  160. Face droop. Problem making decissions. Clutter/disorganization. Unable to do simple math (balance checkbook)
  161. jerking of right leg lasting for approx.2minutes and then everything was fine
  162. Ear cartilage and deep in ear into head hurt hurt. restless legs with very hot feet at night. buzzing in bottom of one foot. Squish, squish sounds in my head when I turn it any which way or walk heavy ,if I walk heavy or the car goes over a bump. Eye lid twitches and some time feels like it is pulled real tight. Picky pick feelings on my face.
  163. severe memory problems problems with concentration and organization loss of balance
  164. Balance
  165. lost of hearing, dysphagia, lost of voice, speach difficulties
  166. Dizziness, falling
  167. Had problems with hoarseness
  168. a band of pressure in the back of my head that prevented me fron lieing on my stomach. off-balance, vertigo
  169. decreased hearing on affected side
  170. "Zoning out" and forgetfullness
  171. imbalance "listing" falling
  172. My father showed symptoms similar to a stroke. Drooping mouth, swelling left hand, slightly dragging his left foot when he walked.
  173. lack of emotion, lack of concentration, loss of bowel control twice, vomiting and naseau once, lack of interest in family events (right frontal lobe meningioma)
  174. Only in hindsight - left hand weakness and problems learning new material
  175. no: the sole symptom was simple focal seizures.
  176. spacial orientation....would reach for something and it may be just inches away
  177. Personality changes. Lack of concern over the usual things. Unusual behavoir.
  178. Under "strange feeling in your head" -came unsteady gait with depth/perspective problems As I understand now, most of my symptoms were due to the hydrocephalus which was caused by the tumors so I'm not sure if these qualify???
  179. strange sensation on the right side of the face. Slurred speech
  180. dizziness
  181. It wasn't weakness in my legs, just clumsiness -- which may not have been a sympton afterall. But the clumsiness has definitely gotten worse.
  182. None apparent but possibly some things that were thought to be just ordinary at the time.
  184. My daughter, Shannon OBrien saw purple lights in her peripheral vision to the right side (tumor was right front),before having a grand mall seizure 1994 reurance anaplastic oligo grade III 2000.
  185. Al, I'm submitting this about my son's tumor. It was a PXA, grade 2 (that does fall in the category of low grade glioma, I believe). He had no other symptoms... just one grand mal seizure. It did not show on CT scan so the original team felt he had some "seizure disoreder"... NS consult ordered MRI and tumor was located. That happened within a couple of days of the seizure.
  186. No, Pat was dropping things.
  187. dizziness, chills, feeling outside of myself
  188. hearing loss when having the headaches.
  189. yes, poor short term memory, very tired and when writing, could not keep text in line. Could not concentrate to add.
  190. seizures were focl/sensory seizures on one side of the body
  191. Memory loss, got lost driving in my own neighborhood. Did not know my own backyard. Did not know who was this man sleeping next to me (my husband of 19 years).
  192. sagging skin on left side of face (tumor on right side; also whooshing sound in my head followed by nausea and spacey consciousness three months before my diagnosis. That's when headaches started. Also had what felt like "water on the ear".
  193. Recurrent sinus infections Dizziness/Vertigo
  194. My daughter, Shannon OBrien saw "purple lights" in her peripheral vision off to the right before grand mall seizure (her tumor wes right front temporal lobe).
  195. Feet seemed to get tangled easily. Also, started having trouble with putting the right numbers into the checkbook and doing the addition/subtraction.
  196. Had none of the above symptoms, but had some depression, no motivation, and memory problems.
  197. Pains in the arms and wrists
  198. Flu-like symptoms diahrea, vomiting and bad headache
  199. Gradual loss of hearing on the side of the tumor- attributed to a possible sinus problem Note: The "strange smells" were quite subtle and intermittent and never reported to my doctor (Primary care physician) Specialist pushed for MRI
  200. Tired--
  201. Off balance, leaning to the left
  202. horrible extreme fatigue - feeling like I had been up for DAYS. Dr.s are unsure what caused this symptom - possible seizures in my sleep or my body fighting off the tumor that I didn't even know what there
  203. Violent and weird behaviors, emotional problems
  204. Nausea in my stomach that rose up into my head Then feeling extremely flushed in my face and feeling that I might pass out.
  205. Drove left of center on the highway Complete personality change Problem with initiation
  206. some personality change-distrusting, short-tempered, fatigue
  207. neckache extending down to back which is took him to chiropractor - after listening to his ailments thought he should see neurologist and chiro. took it upon himself to make appt. for Stephen.
  208. Balance Lethargic - wanted to lay in bed and sleep all day
  209. Tingling in nose, then fingertips. My seizures last 2 minutes.
  210. I had more tremors, then seizures
  211. Eyes fixed left, unable to center Ataxia
  212. Dizziness
  213. my seizures were flashing lights and visual distortions ( felt like I could see through walls)
  214. depression, mood swings, strange sensation in face on side of tumour, changing vision, chronic fatigue,
  215. no symptoms at all. i had a stroke.
  216. no period for 4 months prior and only 35
  217. hearing loss, dizziness when trying to lie down, poor apetite
  218. I am submitting this as a caregiver. My Dad died in 12-01. He never mentioned any other symptoms. He initially stopped talking to us and had what we thought was a virus, with headache, nausea, vomiting. He was never one to complain, so we had to insist that he go to a doctor. He told us after diagnosis "I know what I want to say, but I don't know how to say it".
  219. A vein in the tumor was hemoraging slowly, bulding up blood n the area. Causing presure.
  220. Numbness in hand and arm and slurred speech
  221. numbness that spread downward starting in my face (similar to your foot falling asleep)--only on my left side. My tumor was located on my right side.
  222. Lethargy
  223. Problems driving a car. Disorientation.
  224. swallowing problems,breathing difficulties,tremors
  225. Strange tastes- occasionally.
  226. Balance problems
  227. Numbness left side of face, tongue, roof of mouth (trigeminal nerve areas only)
  228. irritability
  229. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage was the only indication. The tumor triggered the hemorrhage. No headaches previous to that, just a weird sinsation sometimes.
  230. Slering of speech
  231. LEFT side facial numbness, hiccups, dry mouth, lack of appetite, slight loss of taste, balance problem (slight ataxia), FATIGUE
  232. mild dizziness and neck muscle twiches
  233. No symptoms led to diagnosis. Discovered by accident. Subsequently found that droopy right eyelid and slowly tracking right eye were caused by exophytic portion of tumor
  234. I had an abnormal(bacharcardia-not sure of the spelling, sorry) slow heart rate, which was found first in cardiac testing. After the tumor was found the heart rate was related to the tumor.
  235. Heart attack
  236. In reality it turned out I was having seizures but I kept telling my husband and friends about these horrible nighmares I had had while sleeping. My teeth would be clenched and I could not move to get my husband awake in the bed next to me to help me. The sound of my teeth crunching together was terrible and then nothing...I awoke but remembered because I was so sore the next day what had happened. I would and still do have a headache.
  237. fatigue, temper
  238. Hypoglycemia
  239. I had low grade H/As for several years prior to having a seizure which I never gave much thought to. Perhaps it was tumor related - I don't know and my docs never pursued.
  240. Coordination problems - could have possibly been from the double vision.
  241. Tingling, burning sensations in my face. Growing instability on my feet for no apparent reason.
  242. intention tremor irritation with noise (?)
  243. Yes, incontinence, forgetfullness, and deep sleep.
  244. Neuro deficits - forgetting how to write, type, making foolish errors at work
  245. Neuro deficits - forgetting how to write, type, making foolish errors at work
  246. Pain in neck area
  247. Severe neck pain
  248. Being off balance
  249. Unusual behavior. Loss of short term memory. Fatigue. The symptoms were split in time: headaches 2-4 months, maybe longer before diagnosis; vomitting 3 days before diagnosis; strange behavior 2-3 weeks before diagnosis. Fatigue 5-6 months prior.
  250. I had no real symptoms. No more headaches than the average person.
  251. disorientaiom,loss of semse of time
  252. tremors
  253. I seemed that my brain just stopped functioning and I have never determined how long this lasted.
  254. Behavior changed. Became unaccountably judgemental and uncharacteristically cruel five years before diagnosis. There were flu-like symptoms for a few months before diagnosis, and along with this, he was weak and foggy-minded. A year before, he looked pale and weak.
  255. not being able to concrete
  256. handwriting was shaky swallowing problems balance problems
  257. A slight hand tremor and a drooping eyelid were the symptoms that lead to diagnosis. Headaches, although recognized as having occured, were not frequent enough to warrant concern.
  258. Imbalance of the environment,losing balance. There were some cognitive changes despite a high IQ such as a dyslexive problem. I was told it was stress, anxiety. Certain noise pitches made me feel that felt I could lose my balance from. Problems with crowds after being on stage for years and in crowds of hundreds of people. Movement of the environment such as a escalator was a problem to naviagate the footing.
  259. frequent bloody noses for about 2 years before dx. stopped after resection. dr. denies this as symptom.
  260. slurred speech
  261. dizziness
  262. my nausea/vomitting and strongest headaches were in the am and by early afternoon they would go away. it looked like "morning sickness". the symptoms increased in frequency and intensity over about 1 1/2 years befor i went to a new doc and he sent me to a neurologist and an mri was ordered. this was in 1991.
  263. I was first diagnosed with having anxiety / panic attacks. The left side of my body would go numb and tingle. After my first MRI, they discovered I was experiencing seizers NOT anxiety attacks.
  264. Looking back on this, my husband had twitching feet at night when he slept and snored horribly. After his surgery he had neither one.
  265. Precious puberty, and other horomal issues
  266. Yes, the symptoms that caused me to ask for a CAT scan were swelling & numbness on one side of my face. This happened one weekend & I asked the dr. on call to schedule me a CAT scan. My family dr. did not suspect a tumor until the radiologist saw it (plum size) on my CAT scan & immediately sent me & the film to his office. He sent me to a neurologist who put me in the hospital on an IV for steriods and scheduled me for surgery, which I had after a 2nd opinion the next week. The "strange" feeling in my head was more of a spacy, disconnected feeling lasting only a few moments which came and went over several weeks. The vision problem was like occasional spots or floaters that come & go. My family dr. thought it was maybe a blood pressure problem, but my pressure was normal.
  267. off balance, frequently dropping things and falling.
  268. It wasn't dx until the day I had surgery. the tumor had exploded and caused headache, paralysis, coma.
  269. The week to two weeks prior to diagnosis, a very disconnected feeling almost like being in dream, things felt far away. Dizziness , just not feeling well.
  271. I had tingling in my hands and feet. I also had problems with my short term memory.
  272. Hearing music (no one else heard)and very strong, scary feelings of daja vous (partial complex seizure) Felt my personality was changing
  273. Confused, fatigue
  274. Awoke on vacation out of breath, difficultly breathing, naseau, feeling really sick. Dizzy, not normal feeling. Continued sick and unsure until seizures.
  275. Ataxic gait
  276. Pre-seizure, I had trouble finding simple words. It was so bad I went to see a counsellor, and we thought it was due to anxiety. However, my life is fairly normal, not a lot of anxiety.
  278. dizziness, tireness
  279. fatigue heart palpatations anxiety (I had a grand mal while driving, taken to ER, CT scan done, diagnosed brain tumor at ER visit.)
  280. dizziness when turning head and lack of coordination of feet/legs when crossing a street (this happened once)
  281. incotinence, different behavior, poor handwriting
  282. ants marching up and down face was the first symptoms had symptoms first in 1992 then they went away. Nuero Dr. never diagnosed the problem at that time. until 1999 symptoms reappeared
  283. Fatigue
  284. Only symptom: grand mal seizure (leading to fall from horse and hospitalization which resulted in my diagnosis)
  285. uncoorination when previously coordinated, dizziness, disorientation, dropping things, falling
  286. Extreme fatigue
  287. hallucinations "DREAMS WHILE I WAS AWAKE"
  288. Firey vision at night Like you get by staring at the sun and then looking away.
  289. The only presenting symptoms in my husband were some disorientation and extreme short term memory loss. These came on suddenly (mri showed blocked ventricles).
  290. deja vu prickly sensation on arms seizures were brief, absence type
  291. Dizziness, almost a drunken feeling
  292. hormonal problems: periods stopped night sweats
  293. mood swings unintelligible speech (twice)
  294. I had some cognitive problems, for example, I tried to write a check and did not remember what to put on the different lines of the check.
  295. I had problems with organization, concentration, reading, finding words, short-term memory, although none of these led to the diagnosis. Even after seizures started, it took a few months before the tumor was diagnosed, because my seizure symptoms were not understood to be such.
  296. My doctor thought my speech sounded slurred, and that my gait was "off."
  297. yes, my husband (I was his caregiver) started complaining of his pinky finger and ring finger in his left hand haveing a tingling. then it went to a puslsating into his upper arm then 7 months later had a seizure
  298. I had swelling in my arms and legs.
  299. Definite personality change
  300. hallucinations during aphasic seizures
  301. Felt dizzy
  302. extreme exhaustion, loss of sense of smell, loss of emotions and inhibition, uninterested in caring for home, children & self,dizziness, despondent,
  303. problems staying focused, felt unmotivated like he lost his "drive"
  304. Overwhelming feeling of "something is definitely wrong with me", generally unable to go to work, difficulty driving, very sore shoulders, weak etc. When a small amount of alcohol was consumed, unable to walk at all, terrible unwell feeling, head pounding, nausea etc. (This is what my father experienced for 2 and a half months. Diagnosis was a long time coming... shameful treatment from a supposed neurologist.) ...from his caregiver
  305. bad memory
  306. off balance
  307. tiredness, depression
  308. Blurred vision
  309. hormonal problem that family practice doctor thought was early menopause, then within thirty days of being on PremPro, has horrid migraine, went to ER and ER doc ordered Cat-scan, which found 2.5 cm meningioma, nightsweats, diaphoretic, difficulty in handling pressure or tendency to "blow things out of proportion" to their importance (acting like one of the children had been killed when minor conflict occurred, according to husband, who states now he noticed that my personality had changed a bit before diagnosis and he attributed it to menopause symptoms... typical, lol), unexplained tiredness all the time, insomnia, weight gain
  310. dizziness.
  311. i had short term amnesia
  312. not being able to control one of my hands for a second or two
  313. I have a tightness, like a rubberband around my head & cold feelings
  314. leg pain, tingling and numbness in right hand in last 2 fingers and half of palm of hand and numbness and pain in right leg. For a long time I have had issues watching the TV if there is movement or light. I would feel as though something was rolling around in my head. It was like an elecical impulse that would make me feel strange and horrible. It is difficult to explain. Lately they are much more frequent and instead of one here and there I may have 4 or 5 one after the other and I have to close my eyes until they pass. It leaves me feeling as though it is a run up to something bigger and bad and scares the bejeebers out of me. The strange feeling in my head left me knowing "something" was not right, I just figured it was some type of electrical misfire and I lived with this for couple of years. Unsure why, but have vascular issues in legs mottling purple rash under skin, broken blood vessels not there before... My meningioma is located on the saggital sinus within the falx and is small. 1.6x 1.1. It was an incidental finding looking for possible MS...13 doctors later I did get diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. The M did grow aprox 4mm in 4 months last MRI. It was 1.2X1.1 I am told there should be no symptoms other than headaches.. If you have any info on this type of tumor in this area pls can you fwd to me? I was diagnosed with mild ensephalitis 3 times in the last 3 years without spinal tap. Almost a yearly occurence I was listed as possible west nile virus... The episodes would go in aprox 6 wks or so symptoms were headaches, neck pain, dizziness and were awful.
  315. dizziness
  316. Dave did not have the symptoms of a tumor. Has never had a seizure but was being treated for a sinus infection that would not go away. black outs that are now called possible mini seizures.
  317. No symptoms--found due to an unrelated fall which caused a concussion--the rest they say "is history".
  318. (This is for my wife who passed away three years ago. I was her caregiver.) Difficulty walking. Very unstable. Disorientation.
  319. Lost the need to react in a timely manner. In last month before diagnosis, I was last for several appts and did not seemed concerned by the consequences.
  320. Disoriented.
  321. diminished hearing
  322. chirping noise in ear
  323. no balance--hydrocephalus, lose of some urinary control,all I wanted was to sleep, certain smells upset my stomach--bacon & onion frying for green beans, depression, sore neck
  324. tingly twitchy legs, and PS re last question - I am a GP, got diplopia, and I still had to insist on a scan!
  325. Weakness on right side especially when trying to use hand however not considered anything since am lefthanded.
  326. heard sound in ear (like bugs or blood moving around) ear aches
  327. Difficulty with balance,
  328. neuro deficits (forgot how to write, and how to type, could not hold the car in lane when driving), made bizarre decisions on cases at work, and stopped paying my mortgage!
  329. coordination in left arm
  330. Bumping into walls on left side. Tumor is on the right side of brain.
  331. Sore eye. Eyes could not move from side to side.
  332. balance, head tilt, eye wouldn't move to outside right, personality changes
  333. continuous low-grade fever, hand tremors, exhaustion
  334. Sudden onset of hearing loss. No other symtoms.Ear Dr. sent me for MRI the radioligist felt that I had an Anurisom. I traveled to UVA to see a Dr. that treated my son for cavernoma of brain stem,that ruptured and caused tremendous swelling in his brain causing stroke like symtoms.Resection was preformed with success.Thank GOD... The Dr, said that I have two of the same kind of tumors but located in different parts of the brain. No action is to be taken unless symtoms start. I am a 45 yr old male.
  335. failure to thrive at 18months old she was diagnosed then after a cat scan showed a growth in the hypothalamus region
  336. Hearing loss
  337. Exhaustion (this was a major symptom that began many years prior to being diagnosed with the brain tumor - I was actually misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia); difficulty swallowing; frequent coughing (particularly after swallowing something with difficulty), very little control over bladder or bowel movements (extremely dangerous to laugh; also, I wore very heavy pads to work or when going out just in case), dizziness, fell many times, very strange speaking (totally different words than what I wanted to say came out) and I lost my ability to write.
  338. Chest pains similiar to stroke or stroke like symptoms. Dizzyness and felt as if I was going to pass out. Head felt like jello at times.
  339. back shoulder leg arm chest pain muscles sore almost everywhere,groin area too ankle wrist
  340. funny feeling in left eye and numbness/tingling of left side face
  341. cold and caugh exesively.
  342. Writing very small. Mother sees that it is very small, almost microscopic, but she can't change it. She sees that it is not the same style too, but still can't change the style. She laughs hysterically at things that are definately not funny and can't stop laughing. Restless legs throughout the night. Can't sleep. Moves excessively slow, says she must think about how to move her legs and hands for a long time before she can move, must think about the steps. Screams to care-givers that she can do it herself, and then feels very guilty that she has treated them this way. Greets acquaintances with "Hello, how are you? Glad you could come." But can't talk to closest of relatives, turns away. We are hurt, but feel it is a symptom of the tumor. She can sing perfectly with her Sweet Adeline friends who come to visit, even complicated harmony and rhythm, but can't talk to us. Paralysis on right side. Though we know she realizes she has a tumor and feels very badly that she is soon to die, she has never cried or teared up, though prior to brain tumor she was normally emotional and teared up when her feelings were hurt. Said things that didn't make sense. Had difficulty talking and making us understand what she needed.
  343. dizziness, recurrent earaches,pressure in head
  344. lethargy
  345. Lump near the top of me head.
  346. loss off hearing in right ear
  347. hallucinations,fingers touching the body
  348. memory problems confusion
  349. headaches when there was a pressure change. such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and moving my bowels.
  350. very sore bones and joints
  351. Bell's Palsy and small epileptic fits
  352. can't walk straight strong dizzyness when lying down lost of balance
  353. paralyisis,swelling.motorskills,vertigo,chronic head pain,loss of mucle mass,personality changes,fatigue,stagger,fall down,unable to funtion without worsening all symptoms,memory loss,grandemals,bowel disfunction,digestive problems,and the list goes on.
  354. dizziness
  355. Weakness and deteriation of right side of body. Confused. Memory loss.
  356. focal seizures
  357. My tast changed, I feel like I'm always chewing on "tin foil".
  358. crawling sensation under my skin in my back and bad mood swings
  359. mood swings,galactorrhea,bleeding for over month and half,always feeling hot and sweating,tired,face breaking out
  360. behavioral; short-tempered; cognitive problems; chronic fatigue
  361. double vision left eye rolls to the bridge of nose
  362. change in behavier, lost temper
  363. tiredness, depression, easly angred, upset
  364. change in personalty
  365. i have a problem Very heavy Pain in my right leg joints I don't know it is tumor or what
  366. I was born with a tumor and had brain sugery when i was 4-6 months old
  367. dizzyness
  368. tingling sensation on my ear
  369. Fainting
  370. was diagnoised with perimenopause....anger issues.....dizziness, bad sensations that something bad was going to happen as my kids said i was paranoid, trouble remembering how to spell simple words. Werid dreams. Frequent urination, could swear i heard voices when no one else did. Bright spot in front of me that looked like a clear ti died spot on a tshirt. spots in my eyes.....usually black spots. pain behind my right ear.Abdominal pain. Strange rashes
  371. general malaise easily tired.
  372. deplession and all over feeling that something is wrong
  373. slurred speech.
  374. zoning out- not able to focus on what people around me were saying
  375. Feeling dizzy and shaking a lot
  376. servere pain in both arms and legs mostly on right side
  377. I had a sinsus infection and figure it was that. My left arm gave away on me and I felt that my right face was feeling a little weird.
  378. I had a sinsus infection and figure it was that. My left arm gave away on me and I felt that my right face was feeling a little weird.
  379. dizziness, extreme thirst and urination, fatigue
  380. arm spasam
  381. lightheaded, passing out, irritable, high blood pressure, loss of temper
  382. Tinnitus, balance problem worse when eyes closed or in the dark.
  383. neckaches
  384. dizziness
  385. vertigo
  386. Bulging eye pain. Constant tearing of right eye.
  387. "Sizzling" or "squish squish" noises in my head and neck for 4 years, I assumed it was sinus trouble, constant sinus headache, not improved by sinus surgery, breast milk and numbness of limbs resulted in diagnosis of grade 2 glioma, right frontal lobe near motor cortex
  388. alot of pressure and throbing pain
  389. I could hear a sound inside my head that sounded like rushing water. Loss of fine motor and coordination. Drowsyness.
  390. problems walking
  391. First I felt tingling on the left side of my face. Upon touching it I noticed it was numb. Then five minutes later my left fingers would not move.
  392. numbness, burning sensation, crawling feeling
  393. Flat affect Loss of concentration Fatigue Overall weakness Emotional....cry and laugh at same time
  394. dizziness
  395. hot/cold flashes short term memory loss, hemiparalysis
  396. down my right side there is a odd prickling and sensations, and my taste buds on my tongue have change how they taste things, I've lost some fine motor control in my right hand and arm. and I am having a pain in my left ear in one spot that I have to numb other wise it drives me crazy, and my right leg drag a little
  397. Balance issues Speaking gibberish
  398. Pins and needles feeling in my arms, legs, and head. Dizziness... vision problems such as grey spots, bright white spots, and seeing an aura around objects.
  399. loss of hearing fainting
  400. sudden and strong pain in arm and leg .heartbeating problems.
  401. Forgetfulness - drove around one night for 40 mins because I had forgoten where my sister lived, despite having visited her thousands of times.
  402. strobe like zig-zag lines, sometines saw "halos" would go partially blind for a few minutes then everything would come back into focus but very disoriented. i also had an I don't care attitude
  403. Total loss of apetite leading to severe weight loss, ocular auras of many types, vertigo, pressure in my head, sharp pain behind my right eye. Right frontal lobe tumor.
  404. Confused mentally Low patience / tolerance Vertigo like symptoms
  405. looks like a mild stroke down right side of body dropped face speach problem room spins when open eyes get spasms in tongue and face when lift right arm
  406. confusion
  407. Memory loss
  408. Vertigo - which promtped me to insist on a cat scan; however, doctor advised a MRI. Only trying to find the cause of the "Bad" vertigo experiencing at the time and trying to cover all my bases with test. As a result, the "M" was located which the Neuro stated the vertigo was in no relation to the tumor, just a fluk that it was located at that time. Did not notice any symptoms for the tumor.
  409. dizziness , fainting and feeling faint, spacing out for hours at a time
  410. emotional problems, I couldn't function.
  411. fainting
  412. a big bump growing on my forehead
  413. Fits of anger, personality changes, loss of interest in most things
  414. Anxiety and mood swings
  415. I have hearing problems. I also hear this dounf inside my ear
  416. feelings of aggresive behaviour
  417. Numbness that started in my fingers and gradually went up my arm to my face
  418. Numbness that started in my fingers and gradually went up my arm to my face
  419. Not able to speak for about 10 seconds
  420. large lump on the back of my neck at the top of my spine
  421. walking like I was drunk even though I wasn't; left side of my neck ached; random chills, just didn't feel good (like the begininings of a cold), studdered at the end (before surguery), pounding sounds in my ears (drumming would come and go)
  422. slight slur in my speech
  424. I had nystagmus.
  425. problems sleeping
  426. Balance problems.
  427. weakneww
  428. swelling in my back. fluid on my spain. A knot on the back of my head that has been there for 2 years.
  429. numb legs
  430. yes eye pain
  431. unusual weight loss
  432. Almost an out of body experience where there was talking in my head that I could not control.
  433. impulsive behavior, focus on trivial matters slowly getting angrier and angrier-then the matter is out of proportion/anger out of control....suspect these were small seizures or symptoms of one coming-sometimes in the form of a daydream like stare-only a minute or so. Severe heart palpitations...Feeling of being in a "fog"...trouble sleeping, exhausted, physical activity would bring on dizzy feeling-had dizzy days, and no dizzy days-heart palpitations got so bad he had 3 heart monitors put on at different times-abnormal rhythm all they could find....short term memory problems.Had 3 negative brain MRI "s before the 3.3 cm and 1.1cm brain tumors were finally found. Wife of patient is participating in survey-
  434. dizzy, fever
  435. I get dizzy ever time i stand up
  436. Trouble writing and spelling words.
  437. I had an episode of central vision loss in both eyes - my doctor ordered CT scan and the tumor was found - the vision loss was un-related to the tumour and the vision loss has never happened again.
  438. frogetfulness and clumbsyness
  439. dizziness
  440. severe vertigo
  441. Did not know what day it was and where I was going
  442. Personality change
  443. problems with hearing
  444. pressure in my eyes.
  445. fainting very weak
  446. personality changed, couldn't organize anything anymore, couldn't figure out how to complete simple tasks, exhausted
  447. dizzyness,feeling as if my head is hollow
  448. my left side of my head was completely numb, i was blind in my left eye and deaf in my left ear.
  449. My face gets numb or the right part of my head also arms, leg, hands, feet, back.
  450. Mood&patients issues, lack of sexual desires, dizziness, tingling in extremities(left pinky finger and small toe), klutziness(falls),fatigue
  451. head clamps, the feeling of not enough 02 in my head.
  452. smell of metallic or toxic odors. ringing in ears and pain in ears. Dry throat and lump back neck pain continously down to lower spine. Sharp pain in head, itching of skin all over, dry eyes, gums in mouth ache. pains in stomach and around hear area (back).
  453. The tumor was on the left, and most of my symptoms occured on the right side of my body only. I lost a lot of feeling in my right arm and the right side of my face. Sometimes a pain would shoot down my right arm, and my arm would suddenly feel extremely heavy and almost numb. One time it was almost completely paralyzed. I also had myoclonus; at least 40 jerks a day.
  454. feeling dizzy
  455. floaters of the eyes
  456. fainting , feeling disconnected,
  457. pressure
  458. problems remembering what i was talking about during a conversation
  459. falling,bumping into things confusion anxiety weird behavior exhausted hard to swallow high blood pressure dropping things avoided people
  460. Extraordinarily tired
  461. Pain in the neck Flu like symptoms low tolerance to alcohol Two beers cause illness)
  462. strange waves of sensation up and down my left side
  463. Head hurt when I was shampooing it. My golf game, long drives impossible. WHile skiing my turns on one side weak. Felt pressure pushing on one side of my heads. Lost sight, came back as double vision, seen lines
  464. fatige,lips sometimes seem numb,bomp behind ear
  465. I had a cramping feeling in my left cheek it felt like a charley horse does when you are in bed in your calf at night sudden and cramping then my face swelled out on that side of my face within minutes. Like a lot of women I took an aspirin in case of stroke or something thought not much of it and put an ice pack on it rested. Later they thought it was a blocked saliva gland a ear nose and throat ended up doing a cat scan with dye and found the left frontal lobe tumor.
  466. I ate normal and lost weight??? Only 10 pounds, but I haven't weighed that less since grade school. I had no seizures and it was baseball size meningioma! I was always tired and forgetful.I woke up enough to go to work and eat. I slept the rest of the time.
  467. pain in neck
  468. head ache that just half of my head and i felt the heart beat in my head
  469. numbness in my legs,feet,arms,mouth, tongue, anus,and tingling in my face. pressure when I stand
  470. I was pregant at the time and thought the symptoms were caused by that. My nose had a sudden burning and a itch that would not go away. This began while i was in labor
  471. bells palsy loss of memory feeling very tierd all the time
  472. migrain
  473. Tired all the time and chronic pain in my shoulders for 12 years to the point of haveing to take Percocet for pain.
  474. vertex headache episodically, some time aching in tample of the head
  475. neurogenic bladder
  476. vertigo, jerking while sleeping, leg cramps, sudden heat flushes, blurry vision, forgetful,
  477. constant twitch in my neck
  478. very smelly discharge from the nose very dizzy when moving
  479. diahera
  480. watery in ear(yellow colour) and bleeding in nose
  481. balance & coordination vision inability to write
  482. Pain in my neck that gpoes through my head nick and ear
  483. pain on the middle of the head only on skin and burning sensation
  484. double vision, weakness on my left side. Loss of equalibrium headaches. feeling like my ears are clogged. I thought it was a light stroke but the doctor thinks it is a tumor
  485. Loss of taste, Dizzy spells for 10 seconds around three times a day.
  486. numb sensation on my forehead. this was later diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia.
  487. partial numbness to the right side of my face
  488. temporary loss in memory.Feeling of stupidness.
  489. sleep behavior/emotional anxiety
  490. i also blacked- out everytime i got up and i couldn't concentrate
  491. hearing, loss of time
  492. My face twitches.
  493. dizzines
  494. NIGHTMARES repetitive/crazy thoughts hearing/ear problems loss of color vision in one eye Anxiety lacking appetite Paranoia
  495. changes in mood,tremors in the hands, double vision, parcial peripheral blindness
  496. balance problems, confusion, problems swollening food and liquids
  497. bump on fore head
  498. deja vu
  499. seizure or stroke...not sure...difficulty breathing, loss of speech, memory, intracranial pressure...i have a cavernoma posterior, between the ventricles...splenium of the corpus callosum....eyelid started drooping a couple of days before hand
  500. Dizzy spells (vertigo), motion sickness
  501. did not smell for 4 years. sinus infections every spring. taste loss of.
  503. bad eye pain.
  504. personality changes
  505. behavioral changes like childish, crying at every dislike words or talking,
  506. Dizziness
  507. Allergies Dizziness Trouble with swallowing, digesting and excretion Loss of reality (short lived) Hyperaccusive hearing causing sound induced seizures
  508. loss of hearing sinus problems
  509. syncope feeling of passing out
  510. When I had the seizures I couldn't control my arm, which would involuntarily raise to the back of my head.
  511. strange mutterings of no meaning
  512. abdominal issues, menstural issues, bursts of anger and then fatigue following in the next day or two
  513. Blackeds below the high ,headace & giddiness offen.
  514. Very clear is I felt going to fell down from sitting down
  515. loss of memory
  516. serious fatigue and fainting
  517. Pins and needles on many parts of left side of my body (hand, shoulder, cheek, foot...)
  518. memory loss repeating words blanking out during talking lack of concentration
  519. sleepiness all the time
  520. ringing in ears
  521. Anger, and anxiety
  522. Hi Yes I did have other symptoms the one that was the worst was the metalic taste and the taste of those black hard ball candies
  523. balance speach memory fatigue
  524. Grand Maul aeizure lead me to ER& then scans revealed tumor. No major symptoms beside that. It was golf ball size upon its removal.Of course I stroked during removal & am now left sidedless & another tumor is growing in the general area as the other one. I just need to get it removed & reclaim my once active body back from the stroke. Any suggestions would be great. email
  525. bleeding
  526. jaw hurting,while having a serve headaches
  527. numb arm not able to speak This was my 2nd brain tumor, so I specified to I have a previous brain tumor 19 yrs ago, so they immediately had MRI done
  528. passing out
  529. Hearing- a buzzing in my ears is what led me to an ear specialist, who tested and then ordered scan and discovered tumor. the tumor caused hydrocephalis, which caused the symptoms. he ear
  530. left eye twitch patches of hair loss
  531. noes bleeding, forgetting things
  532. Numbness of the left face.
  533. not being able to lie backward dizziness and walking off a strait line overall bad and strange feeling
  534. falling over lack of balance
  535. numbness facial, thought I was having a stroke
  536. extreme headaches and migranes all the time especially in the morning. extreme head shakes that I can't control. Nobody sees the head shake but I feel it. My neck is so sore from shaking too much. My ears ache and their are always lots lots of pressure. My ears are clean of wax. I have lots of dizziness.
  537. numbness in my face, nose, tiredness, forgetfulness,
  538. Black outs and falling.
  539. fatigue, ring headache, sense of pressure in head, shaking in hands, slight tremors, nose bleeds in left nostril
  540. cold and hot sensations in head feelings of loosing my mind
  541. I had a strong feeling that I had some sort of brain problem. Also, my year old German Shepherd female would become very protective of me about a moment prior to any of my seizures.
  543. dizzy
  544. feeling of deja vu and a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. didn't go to er till seizure so last 2 questions i really can't answer.
  545. was told I had a lisp when talking
  546. equilibrium
  547. When tired,loose of balance i complained of hairloss,i combt my hair and every time i shed a lot of hair
  548. Silver sparklies in the brain
  549. less apetite, left side eyesite is erasing
  551. lost the ability to use my right hand for typing and i couldnt figure out what fingers went where i am usually a 60 wpm typist
  552. just a little pain on back side of ear
  553. sex craving
  554. headaches on my left side of my head
  555. headaches on my left side of my head, ringing in my ears, trouble swollowing, sore throat
  556. continuous head ache
  557. memory lost
  558. disorientation, incontnence,unusual laugh docile
  559. eye seperation,
  560. my hearing is really bad
  561. vertigo
  562. Dizziness when looking up
  563. stomach problems, viral menegitious
  564. she had no symptoms prior
  565. flu symptoms, stiff painful neck i couldn't hold my head up for more than 10 minutes
  566. nose bleed
  567. no patience, tolerance, bad concentration, right words fail me,
  568. dizziness, problems with thinking
  569. confusion
  570. hearing loss
  572. forgeting of things, name of person;
  573. dizziness, itchy eyes,tired
  574. breast cacer[ inflamatory cancer]
  575. Numbness on left side
  576. Partial paralysis in the left side of my body, a numbness or tingling sensation in my left arm, limited motor skills on my left side
  577. yes dizzyness
  578. blurred on and off eye vision. somestimes missinterpret objects and distance even some events. confusion.
  579. short term memory loss,stuttering, severe "brain attacks", loss of balance, massive confusion, unbearable migraines
  580. Flashing lights, loss of appretite, weight loss, fatigued & abnormal perimetry test
  581. Other symptoms included debilitating fatigue, balance problems, dizziness, vertigo & problems with mathematical calculations, & hiccupping. I was misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalitis), and then benign positional vertigo for almost 2.5 years until I was hospitalised unable to keep food or drink down, until my sister insisted on a MRI scan revealing the 4th ventricular ependymoma.
  582. loads- sporadic numb spots around the body, sometimes with pain or coldness; the headaches which suck-- feels like my brain is pushing its way past the skull. Dropping things. Sensation like a thousand bubbles exploding in my head. And with musical tones, especially bass, it feels as though the tumour pulses in exactly the same movement as the speaker's membrane. It's a 20 mm posterior falx meningioma on a CT scan with 2 unidentiified similar objects about 3 centimetres from it-- one on the left hemisphere side and the other on the right hemisphere side (can't wait til an MRI scan clarifies these). if anyone's interested.
  583. Pressure on the left side of the head
  584. seeing shadows, and my planning abilities
  585. Pain in the crown of my head and pressure
  586. Paralysis on right side of body. Symptomatic tumor was on left frontal lobe.
  587. leg pain severe
  588. depression and anxiety
  589. I used to feel lazy during day time only if i am alone but in a group, i had the capacity to doing work of 4 people.
  590. muscle twitching, ringing in ears
  591. Visuals things that others do not see. Loss of balance. Memory problems.
  592. both eyes burning red
  593. anxiaty depression confusion
  594. I have blood outed in Ears and Nose. Headaches,
  595. sleeping up to 30 hrs at a time
  596. passed out
  597. dizzy, disoriented
  598. feels light right side contracts and tightens such as spasms
  599. Hands in motion feel on fire
  600. partial memory loss
  601. strange taste
  602. half protion of head acute paining
  603. ringing in the left ear
  604. dizzy
  605. lost my hearing, eyes twitching
  606. lost my hearing, eyes twitching
  607. pain in the back of the neck
  608. Dizziness
  609. pain over right eye
  610. peralsis
  611. Elevated prolactin level.Complete loss of libido.
  612. I could not write. I could see what the words looked like, but I couldn't put them on paper.
  613. Bad typing and writing
  614. Numbness in left extremities, can smell great at times, can't at others at all. Feel dyslexic or something, turn things around constantly.
  615. numbness of leg
  616. Sharp shooting pains in my head. My head is tingely all the time. Dizzyness cant concentrate minor seizures. Pain in left side of head earachs like ear infection
  617. forgetfullness, aggressive behavior, poor judgement/reasoning, confusion
  618. ringing right ear needles and pinch in right side of face numbness in arm numbness in neck numbness on cheek
  619. (man) loss of libido, critically low levels of testosterone, High PSA levels, high Blood Pressure (150/98) and much more
  620. Dizziness, constant pain in my head.
  621. Numbness and tingling in my arms and legs
  622. Numbness and tingling in my arms and legs and I've started having strokes
  623. numbness on my entire right side from top of head to toes.
  624. zoning out while driving
  625. Pressure in head Light headed not spinning more like rocking back and forth or sometimes floating.
  626. flashing lights eye Dr found two cyst behind each eye.
  627. I am deeply tuoehcd as I read your blogs. Thank you for opening your heart to share the triumphs and struggles you and your family have endured.
  628. I had a nape ache eyes aching and my head
  629. I get very tired, very quickly. I would (and still at times) fall asleep for 15 minutes or 15 hours, I can never tell.
  630. Fluid secreting from my mammory glands. Prolactin. Emotional/Cognitive problems Anxiety Angorphobia The MRI showed two tumors one is on my Pituatary Gland. The other is inbetween my brain and the protective lining of the brain. So my symptoms I list might be a combination of symptoms attibuted. However, I believe primarily to the pituatary gland tumor.
  631. Stuttering
  632. Hiccups, Visual disturbances, Hallucinations, Joint pain
  633. Dizziness when standing / constant ringing in my ears
  634. broken blood vessels hives kidney infections
  635. lose balance and fall down.same time faint for 10 secons
  636. Sensitive to sounds and smells. Developed floaters in vision but they say it's not related to my tumor due to where it was located. Memory problems, sleeplessness, body aches & depression.
  637. Balance loss, tired
  638. left eye pain along with headaches
  639. Could not follow directions, got lost in familiar places
  640. Hearing loss
  641. unable to speak clearly
  642. speech problems, thinking problems, walking and balance issues, hearing problems, and "seeing smoke filled rooms" when there isnt any smoke. memory problems.sleep problems- either not enough, or sleeping all night and all day too.
  643. Memory problems.
  644. Memory problems & mood changes, becoming very angry & snappy with people. Oddly could contain the mood swings more at work, less so at home. Also some tingling on right side of head/face for a couple of years, but I have no idea if this is related to my brain tumour. I saw general practitioner after several weeks of persistant headache, fatigue, & "feeling off". I'd had flu a couple of months earlier and was epxecting to be told I was post viral, but the headaches scared me, in terms of frequency & being mostly in the morning. He gave me a nasal spray for sinusitis.
  645. Changes in saliva. Excessive to extreme dry mouth
  646. Bleeding out of left nostril only floaters in left eye onlt
  647. hear my heart beat on my pillow, feel my pulse on my head, and numbness on my head and tingleling too, specially if I drink Alcohol, and depression has been very intense
  648. Calf muscle pain/tingling
  649. Head shocks when I turn my head or my gaze, and pain down my face
  650. yes like tingiling and pressure in back ov head
  651. unexpected thinking,hands are shivering
  652. Very light headed... zone out countiously
  653. Have UTI make very back pain headaches 2week ago but still not work the med:(
  654. hair loss
  655. i actually had a lump bulging so much i could feel head felt like it was so someone was squeezing it together. and i had Constant stuffed up nose. a bit of nausea
  656. Short term memory loss. Lost the use of right side and started falling. (suspected stroke)
  657. Hair loss
  658. Taste I be been having a taste like metal
  659. Dizziness and passing out being clumsy
  660. severe pressure on left side of face and forehead and left ear.
  661. my eyes hurts,numness,
  662. Issues swallowing nystagmus Balance Vertigo
  663. Fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness after full sleep
  664. Fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness after full sleep
  665. Rushing noise in one ear. The ground was moving under my feet occasionally. My eyes - double vision? Very loud tinnitus. One stuck focussing far away and one near
  666. Passing out
  667. Forgetful, do the wrong thing, pick up the wrong thing. Short memory.
  668. Weight gain,hypertension,diabetes,irregular periods,chronic lung disorder,vertigo,migraine
  669. Hair loss
  670. Nosebleed swollen glands
  671. lump on left side back of head temporary ringing in right ear temporary loss of hearing in right ear
  672. no
  673. I had other symptoms, but the seizures got the doctor's attention. Prior to having seizures I had migraine headaches and memory problems which seemed to be increasing.
  674. Fatique
  675. i had a fall and walk began to deline
  676. Several episodes of Deja vu in quick succession initially (with a major rush of nausea), tremor in left hand, exhaustion, forgetfulness/memory not great + anomic aphasia (sometimes could only remember the first letter was), floaters, collapsed twice (on the same night) couple of weeks prior to scan, cottonwool mouth/swollen under left side of tongue sometimes on waking up, tingling above mouth on left hand side, anaemia and sometimes now there's a whooshing feeling in the region of the tumour [OLIGO IN RIGHT TEMPORAL LOBE]
  677. Balance issues Fatigue Fainting
  678. strange sounds ears buzzing...
  679. hearing loss in right ear
  680. Always tired
  681. head hurts worse when moved, urinaryin ontinence, confusion, lack of focus, easily distracted
  682. sinus & ear pain, sleepwalking, insomnia, hair loss, loss of balance, loss of depth perception, extreme apathy,laughing inappropriately, fatigue, hearing loss in one ear, personality & behavioral changes.
  683. Pain on the top of my head. Only relief was applying manual pressure to the area
  684. dizziness
  685. I suffer with tremors also, staggered walk and slurred speech, memroy loss
  686. incontinence,vertigo,unconsicousness
  687. eye droopy
  688. increase in body temperature
  689. I'm primary carer of my 73 yr old mum. Personality changes....became easily aggitated, aloof, overly confident, blarantly lying, unconcerned with consequences, detached from feelings, inflexible & unreasonable - complete opposite to her 'normal' personality. Dramatic decline in hearing & ability to sequencing simple tasks. Unable to estimate time or day of week, every day was a Friday for example.
  690. Tingling on right side of the head when having a hot flash and when I lay on my right side of my head
  691. Fatigue
  692. Right side vertigo
  693. Disorientation
  694. Eyes twitching constantly for three days. And abcess on my right cheek near my chin.
  695. i was always very tired and would fall asleep even when talking. my speech was slurred and my vision was blurred and sometimes it was double in my left eye.
  696. Tinnitus, loss of balance/coordination and the right side of my face had gone numb. Ear felt full and my eye felt pressure, like someone was pressing up under it.
  697. protruding coccyx, vertigo & balancing problem, severe backache, less control on urination, frequently shooting o f heartbeat
  698. Short term memory loss severe - unable to perform job duties, loss of concentration
  699. Tripped and fell over my left foot several times, sensitivity to sunlight, double vision, seeing sparkles, body aches, joint pain
  700. lower back pain
  701. Ate a lot, gained weight
  702. Dizziness, feeling faint-like I'm gonna collpase
  703. tickle in throat , cough thick sputum found nothing with cat scan
  704. Yes, mobility issues, falling more ....
  705. pressure in head
  706. Presented stroke symptoms. Had not felt "right" for about 6 months prior. Some memory loss. Trouble reading and writing.
  707. Pain in my mouth, teeth and ears
  708. head tilt, unsteady on feet, tiredness, weight loss
  709. loss of memory
  710. muscle weakness
  711. Facial paralysis (initially suspected Bell's Palsy)
  712. clumbsy face numb on rt side hiccups
  713. equalibrium
  714. brain and eye pain is vein and artery strain due to commpresion by rope and its looks like hang on by rope till death
  715. brain and eye pain is vein and artery strain due to commpresion by rope and its looks like hang on by rope till death
  716. Confusion, especially regarding numbers and calculations. The only reason they knew I had the glioma was that I had lost vision in one eye 5 years before, and couldn't figure out why. They didn't find the cause of the optic nerve damage, but they found the glioma.
  717. Bloody nose
  718. confussion dificulty thinking straight
  719. Very tired & needed to sleep a lot; menstrual problems & pain down my back
  720. Ear aches feels full and like something in them all the time
  721. constipation
  722. anger, passing out, confusion
  723. Hard to breathe sometimes,I felt like I was in STUPID mode, flushed or warm sensation when I drank water or moved too much,left eye hard to open most mornings, left ear itches, swallowing food sometimes makes me choke,weight gain n loss(up n down),I hiccup alot now, almost same time everyday,always tired, I do get a window of not being tired but not much, my left upper leg weird pain (ghostlike)
  724. Hearing strange noises in ears.
  725. sensation of room spinning, loss of balance, dizziness
  726. slightly elevated blood pressure (160/85), MRI showed old hemotoma in brain, no tumor. BP immediately controlled and sensation in hands originally notices when typing immediately went away. Small tumor only found after several months of tests and another MRI after hemotoma dissipated. Neurological tests did not identify anything and no other symptoms appeared.
  727. hearing loss
  728. knife stabbing pains in my head where lesions are located. unable to walk unassisted. now having to use wheelchair. falls. i freeze, people have to help me.
  729. nose bleeds, poor coordination, swallowing problems, sensitive hearing
  730. seizure included numbness on right side of body, speech slurred for about 15 minutes
  732. twitch in left eye and left side of face
  733. upper eyelid twitch of and on all day long lasting 10-60 seconds about 20 times an hour
  734. EXTREMELY tire since I could only stay awake for 4 hours at a time and then had to sleep for 3 hours. Clumsiness- to the infinity degree
  735. right side the neck hs pain
  736. I became really rude, yelling at people and locking myself inside my office. I sometimes couldn't remember how i got to work.
  737. Problems with speech Strange Gait Difficulty walking Over salivating during the day and at night. Problems saying things and finishing sentences.
  738. Leukemia (CLL)
  739. blood vomiting
  740. Problems while driving not remembering where I'm going or what I did while driving
  741. The top of my feet felt like they were burning.
  742. Fatigue
  743. Ear pain numbness in face and right side of mouth
  744. I had so many symptoms that led me to believe that I had cancer and I did.
  745. neck injury caused by the brain tumor compromising part of the spine.
  746. blackouts in vision, not passing out, just complete darkness
  747. cervical nerve pain
  748. numbness on the right side of the face,tingling sensation on my tongue
  749. Loss of hearing in rihht ear!
  750. Mild numbness and tingling of the left hand fingers tips
  751. test
  752. CONSTANT HEAD NOISE I Thought the ringing in my head was norm-Had it most my life and thought everone had it. Swallowing, and pains/feet&legs&face Most Recent pains in Neck Swelling in Neck with strange lump behind my neck So THEY SAID I WORK I HAVE DEVELOPED COGNITIVE ISSUES..Humm oh did I mention the ears RINGING
  753. Dizziness
  754. At age less than 2, 1st DX was nystagmus. We were only sure of loss of vision when she turned into a door breaking her arm.
  755. ear sore nose sore and head sore
  756. Severe personality changes. Extreme mood swings.
  757. sometimes a feeling of almost head explosion, no appetite
  758. My hand shakes several times a day can last anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds, fatigue, strange taste in my mouth, neck stiffness, tingling in arm and leg,
  759. severe headache with right eye pain along with the ear pain
  760. Odd behavior, loss of concentration, easily distracted, sleeping too much
  761. Attention deficit hyper activity disorder
  762. nape of neck ache deep ear canal ache
  763. The first two episodes I experienced were room spinning followed by weakness in my right side, after this focal seizures in my right leg.
  764. Hearing pulse in ear on same side as tumor; vertigo
  765. tingling feeling in lips and tongue and cold sensation in head
  766. while sleeping i feel like pressure on every nerve from brain inner part and bursting of my head for a while, if all me knowing that this happening i could not able to wake up or shake my body hands, plz help me with this
  767. Dizziness, loss of balance
  768. Can feel right side off my hand and two figures .pain in my shoulder also got a cyst inside my nose got to have a byoisp and ct scan blooded test and a hearing test also got a hole inside my nose where the cyst is
  769. dizziness
  770. i can't focus!
  772. i saw a flickering light and felt like i was losing my balance
  773. saw sparking lights or things that look like they were floating around this went on for 12 yrs they kapt telling me it was my sinusis i had mris done then and they said they didn't see anything wrong then
  774. ringing in both ears- was originally thought to be acoustic neuroma until surgery for removal
  775. Loss of hearing Balance
  776. Pain above the left eye, sway while standing still.
  777. Sore throats, pain in ears, head and chest facial pain.
  778. Paraesthesia to neck & face, drooping eye, tinnitus, fatigue and/or lethargy, lower back spasms, absences, occasional swallowing difficulties, weight loss which i cannot put back on, sinus trouble. Also have raynauds which i don't know if it is associated to the tumour.
  779. Loss of balance Blackouts 2 seconds each
  780. pressure on my brain,neck ,memory loss confused.
  781. Vertigo Off balance
  782. uncomfortable to lay on left side of head
  783. Nausea/Vomiting
  784. Wavy in my head
  785. Balance
  786. Balance
  787. tingling feeling in my hands and legs I'd feel really dizzy and weak sometimes
  788. Eyes twitching

7. If you had headaches, describe them:

  1. migraine with only aura - no pain.
  2. Mild mostly. Like wearing a too-tight hat. An 'ice cream' headache like when you eat something freezing. And mostly like a sinus headache. I really thought It was just a sinus infection. So, not very painful. More just annoying. Uncomfortable. You're next two questions ought to include an option for found by random coincidence.
  3. Extremely sharp pain in top of head
  4. back of head upon waking, the pain like the pain you get from a head injury. disappears within an hour of waking/getting up.
  5. Like someone was blowing up a balloon slowly inside my head. Pain pressure and low grade throbbing. Also had a hemorrhaging pituitary tumor (removed Sept 2011). The acoustic neuroma remains embedded in my facial and hearing nerves.
  6. dull throbbing,sharp quick
  7. Pounding sensation like nothing I have ever experienced
  8. some worse than others
  9. different spots around the head, it feels like something bursts inside with a burning/hot sensation
  10. aching headeach
  11. dull pressure on lower right side of my head (skull base). Constant with no easing 24/7. Dr could prod and poke my neck and it made no difference to the headache.
  12. Wierd and strange
  13. Felt like someone constantly hitting me in the back of my head every few seconds with a sledge hammer as hard as the can unbearable pain especially when vomiting
  14. I am deeply touched as I read your blogs. Thank you for opening your heart to share the triumphs and struggles you and your family have endured.
  15. memory lost lost balance my ears everything its I see big black spots my head keep hurting and back to my head and the my head my doctor hasn't diagnose me back I'm reading well seeing something at the web and it sounds like everything it sounds like I have one
  16. Serve pain on the left side of head
  17. On and off throbbing through out the day
  18. Hell sorry but only word to describe best how it felt. I was chasing tylenol and ibuprofen every two hours and it wasn't working.
  19. Stabbing throbbing pain
  20. On and off throbbing through out the day
  21. Headaches in the morning for about 10 minutes at the front of my head
  22. I have headaches when laying on my right side that are so bad it feels like my ear drum is being punctured when I lift my head off my pillow. This started in 2007. Only symptom that I noticed.
  23. They felt different from other headaches I had. They didn't respond to medication. The actual pain might only last about a half an hour, but I always felt on the verge of a headache and would get them multiple times a day. Exercise would always bring one on.
  24. Like my brain was bounding and flopping around in there
  25. it was very painfull.
  26. tearfull strong pain
  27. had no headaches
  28. it feels like my brain is swelling with pain
  29. stabbing sharp pain
  30. It was a Headache like Ive never had before, nothing like a normal headache or a migraine
  31. not very often and they were typical and not in that area
  32. Just one day WHAM at the side of head,behind the ear. Went away and then WHAM again. Never had pain like that in my life before.
  33. minor headaches that increased every other day now being severe
  34. strong front of head aggrivated by certain head movement
  35. sever pain in head
  36. Migraine extending into my neck.
  37. bad
  38. very stressed and pointed in particular region
  39. sharp pain in the frunt and in my face and like a tiging on the left side of my head
  40. tight feeling in my head, constant pain, pulsation on my temples, absolute agony, never went but got better at different times of the day and worse in morning and night
  41. throb in temple. various parts of the head would hurt. Not one certain spot.
  42. the top lrft side and my temple on the left side of my head would hurt very bad and it would cause me to get dizzy and vomit.
  43. Horrible pressure, sometimes like a brain freeze, headaches never go away but not always severe. My head hurts worse just to lay down, fix my hair, wear sun glasses, bend over and just to touch.
  44. Pounding so hard felt like my head was going to explode. Couldn't have any lights on or be in the light, had to have the room pitch black and it had to be very quiet. If not then it would hurt really badly and I'd start screaming and crying.
  45. right side like my head is ready to explode
  46. Serve headache uncontrollable
  47. They feel like burning skin
  48. like my head was going to blow off
  49. Would not go away, woke me up at night
  50. massive migrane
  51. The headaches were mainly on weekends and I thought they were migraines which I had never previously experienced. I had severe pain in the bone above my right eye. Light made the pain worse and I often vomited which is why I thought they were migraines. It was when I mentioned I had double vision when looking to my right(which my optometrist had said (some years earlier) was just eye muscle weakening due to my age ... in my 40's !!) that my doctor sent me immediately for a CT scan
  53. pain behind right eye, very painful
  54. Back of the brain
  55. Headache, complete head, steady and all the time, (caused me to get minimal sleep)
  56. very sharp pain, shooting either up from the neck to the forehead, or the other way around. Mostly the severity of the pain was at the base of the skull.
  57. My daughter was unable to describe them.
  58. can't remember
  59. Excruciating headache combined with vomiting for two full days prior to MRI and diagnosis.
  60. pressure
  61. worst pain i have ever felt
  62. migraines
  63. a needle going through my brain. thumping sounds
  64. Migraña with nausea
  65. pain and numbness
  66. No headaches
  67. pounding,throbbing
  68. Like a very tight baseball cap or a migraine that just kept getting worse
  69. Excruciating-causing vomiting, distorted vision, feeling of pressure
  70. my son who had medulloblastoma, had severe pain along the forehead
  71. sharp and intermittent
  72. they were beyond migraines which I have a history of. I would get them twice a day (early morning and after lunch)It felt like my head was about to explode. The pain behind my eyes was excruciating.
  73. Thought they were sinus/allergy headaches.
  74. Slight headache upon awakening in the morning. Eased after being up for awhile . One week prior to diagnosis headache became more severe. Pain was in right eyebrow area. Gbm on right frontal lobe. Vomitted and went to ER was immediately diagnosed by CT scan.
  75. Blinding unbearable headaches, for some time mostly behind one eye and DX as cluster headaches, migraines,etc. Also headaches began in the back, right side of head. Constant pounding pain. Those continue to this day, 14 years later. the tumor was right frontal lobe. There has never been an explanation for the pain in the back of head.
  76. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 10+, lasting four days sometimes.
  77. rather intense head/neck ache (4th ventricular ependymoma) every morning - solved by taking 3 extra strength tylenol x 6 months
  78. My husband described these as terrible, aching headaches on the right side of his head (his tumor was in the right temporal lobe) and on top-front of his head. His usual remedy of Excedrin did not even touch them. He was prone to earaches on that side of his head and thought maybe he had a bad ear infection. He told the doctor about the headaches, but NOT about the other symptoms (dreamlike state, smells, etc.) He only complained about the headaches, so they gave him something for the "earaches". He did not recognize the focal seizures for what they were. When he finally told the doctor (and me!) about the other symptoms, the doctor immediately ordered an ultrasound of the carotid arteries (thinking maybe he was having TIAs) and an MRI.
  79. She had moderate headaches for a couple of months before her seizure, more late in the day. Tylenol would take care of it.
  80. pain and pressure in back of head from ear to ear; sometimes sharp pain left back side of head (which is tumor area)
  81. Extremely severe, like my head was about to explode, then nausea and vomiting.
  82. Pounding/Blinding headaches where only being in a dark place with meds helped.
  83. No different than headaches I had my entire life. Mostly when I was tired or overworked, in the back of my head.
  84. Intense migraine like headaches situated behind right eye socket
  85. Extremelly strong headaches
  86. They Felt like really strong Brain Freezes.
  87. i don't remember that my dad complained of any headaches before he was diagnosed.
  88. very painful couldnt move because the pain was so great
  89. Like a sinus headache
  90. i had severe headaches daily. it was progressively bad -- usually by noon the headache was so bad i'd have taken several extra strenghth tylenol. in the afternoon, i'd have to take a 2-3 hour nap. this went on for a couple years before my grand mal seizure; after which i was diagnosed with an oliodendroglioma.
  91. The patient described the headache as the worst in her life. She was accustomed to recurrent and severe sinus headaches, but the pre-diagnosis headache was totally debilitating.
  92. My son said his headaches were excruating. The pain was like no other headache he had ever had before and he had been experiencing migraines for several years.
  93. migrane
  94. Very intense headache, but quite short in duration. Like a migrane (sp) but much shorter. The Dr. first thought that these were migranes. Also during the headaches my blood pressure was very high and in general my bp was elevated. I was told later that these were likely seizures.
  95. headaches always started in the neck, thought they were from stress
  96. Pain in one side of haed that got worse with movement
  97. Frontal throbbing with pain behind the eyes , nausea, vomiting...misdiagnosed as migraine headaches
  98. Back of neck. History of headaches for awhile. Lots of advil. On question 6, we were told a lesion, could be virus, testicular cancer, but BT was NOT mentioned until the following day after N/S viewed the scan. Diagnosis was made within 1 day.
  99. sharp.. not long lasting
  100. My daughter described the headaches as throbbing. They would happen in the middle of the night and felt different than any other headache in her life.
  101. * I had a grand mal seizure, was brought to the hospital unconscious, run thru CT and MRI and BT was discovered..No conversation took place
  102. I had pounding migraine-type headaches for 20 years before my diagnosis, but did not associate them with the tumor until they went away after the surgery.
  103. headache was excrutiating. Nothing I have ever felt before
  104. Right side of the head constant pain, on a scale of 1 to 10 - about an 8. These strarted about 5 years before diagnosis.
  105. Headaches would awaken me during the night. Had some headaches which occurred suddenly , sharp intense pain in the top of head associated with nausea. Headaches had nothing to do with being diagnosed. When I realized I could no longer work in the medical profession because of memory problems, I went to Rehab services. They referred me to a psychiatrist. He ordered the MRI which found the tumor.
  106. Don't know as my daughter was only 1 year old at time of diagnosis.
  107. A headache so bad like I have never experienced before.
  108. Several types. Screw type pain in temples and down behind the ear structure. Sharp stabbing lightening bolts in the side. Skull cap squeezing pain. Pain at back where head joins back bone.
  109. whole head throbbing pain, not localized
  110. general ache, throbbing
  111. Like a pole going through my right eye diagnoly exiting at the base of my skull. Also a fullness in my right ear that felt like a wet finger was in my ear.
  112. Like you wanted to pull your head off!!!!
  113. Hurt in one spot (right temporal lobe) and were worse in the morning. Felt like head was going to explode
  114. Horrible headaches and lights made them worse...throwing up due to headache...
  115. Intense pressure headaches; initially diagnosed as a sinus infection. I said many times, somewhat jokingly, that it felt like "my skull was getting crushed." In fact, it was.
  116. terrible pain right behind the eyes that would not go away even with over the counter pain relief
  117. Severe with band like sensation with pain into shoulders and neck.
  118. I can't remember the headaches before the first tumor (1986), but headaches now can be very severe: a feeling of swelling from the inside out; a feeling like "just explode and get it over with".
  119. some headaches, no special characteristics
  120. Didn't have except when dehydrated
  121. Prgressively the headaches worsened to the point where I stayed in bed. Pain along backside of head, like a tightening vice. Had accompanying nausea/vomiting.
  122. No headaches whatsoever.
  123. Just an ordanary run of the mill headache in the back of the head, usually when tired. Not all of the time, maybe a few times a week for a few hours each time. Not unlike headaches I had my entire life.
  124. Yes, headaches right before the diagnosis! They were rated a 6 on a scale of 10. Never had headaches before- but, definitely were felt!
  125. intense indescribable pain
  126. Again, I don't know if these qualify as they have stopped since sx for hydrocephalus, but I woud have "visual" migraines that would last on average 45 minutes and rather than get a full blown migraine headache, I would feel somewhat dazed and exhausted once the auras stopped.
  127. Never had headaches!
  128. No abnormal headaches.
  129. I had migraine headaches most of my life, but then I started getting really severe headaches that the migraine medicine didn't help with. Severe, intense pain in the back of the head lasting for several days. Nausea & vomiting almost constant with them. I had never gone to the hospital before, but the first time Mine were this severe, I knew I should go, but I was in a strange town. This happened monthly, then they got closer & closer and lasted longer. I was taking Vicodin constantly trying to control the pain. When they got really bad during an ear infection, the doctor gave me a shot of Demerol and sent me for a CAT scan, which prompted an MRI which lead to surgery & chemo. My first doctor left the practice after I had seen her for several years with memory problems & the headaches. I saw another doctor in the same office when I got the ear infection and she sent me for tests right away.
  132. like severe pressure in the back of the head. Only lasting 5 minutes maximum but extremely severe.
  133. slight headaches sort of in sinus area
  134. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was rated 11. The worst pain I ever exerienced in my life. Much worse than child birth.
  135. Pain at the base of skull on left side, moved up the head to behind the left eye, felt like sinus headache. Responded to sinus medication until just before diagnosis when nothing helped.
  136. The worst and ultimate headache just before diagnosis was a pain behind my eye which felt as if there was so much pressure my eye would fly out of the socket. Recurrent headaches were all in the sinus area. In the past I had headaches/pain from the back of my neck at the base of my head up towards the front of my forehead.
  137. squeezing pain at the back of my head worse than the worst migrain you could imagine. Went into SEVERE nausea by the 5th day.
  138. Like a vice grip in the back of my head and neck You may not want this input as I had the B.T. removed 11 years ago
  139. Violent migraines, auras --diagnosed as "premenopausal migraine," no treatment needed (5 years) one evening of vomiting, fainting, "maybe we should take a cat scan" then diagnosis (meningioma, right parietal lobe 7 centimeters) all above 6 years prior to diagnosis --including 3-4 visits to pc doctor, neurologist, gynecologist, othomologist
  140. headache felt like sinus headaches probably why they initially treated as such.
  141. Extreme headaches to the point of not being able to function properly.
  142. Like a hot iron going up through my nostril and into the right side of my head.
  143. No headaches prior
  144. Throbbing pain which reached a crescendo in about 30 seconds after a positional head change however minor
  145. sinus headaches that never went away - all around my eyes
  146. had an instant headache upon sneezing but lasted only a few minutes
  147. Very strong all over. Worse in the morning.
  148. pressure headaches, I could feel like a squirting going up in different places in my head......
  149. Migraines
  150. tight band being tightened around forehead, ice poker being driven into head
  151. pressure behind eyes
  152. He complained only of a dull headache. That, however, does not mean that he didn't have chronic headaches, nor does it mean that they couldn't have been excrutiating. As I've said, he did not want us to know that there was anything wrong, so he never complained.
  153. A constant pain in one spacific place (where the tumor was located). A sharp pain. It did NOT throb, but was consistant. When I shook my head, it felt like something was there. When I bent over, my head felt like it would explode.
  154. Pressure when standing up or bending down
  155. Horrible centrally located head pain
  156. whole head headache, not just one area. Constant, never fading pressure
  157. I've had migrains and sinus headaches all my life...they were alot like sinus headaches,with nausia from smells.
  158. I had headaches only slight ones on awakening most commonly if i took a nap. They would be often go away by them selves. Often just a little quesy with these headaches. Monster headaches with menses!!!!!
  159. the neurosurgeon advised me that the headaches were not related to the brain tumor. I had what is considered an incidental diagnosis, a few months after a car accident. My primary care doctor sent me for an MRI. Diagnosis was by MRI.
  160. from the hemorrhage, the worst headache in the world.
  161. Sharp pain, like a stab which would come and go.
  162. very occasional light headache,unique in that that they were focused in small area of left forehead, easily eliminated with ibuprofen
  163. incredible pain
  164. Pounding within both temples. Possibly the longest and most severe pain I had felt prior to surgery.
  165. shooting pains lancing across my brain that lasted only seconds - but brought on by any exertion (laughing etc)
  166. Terrible. The Dr. was treating as a sinus headache. Took all kinds of pain pills with no relief. Vomitting, severe pain
  167. pressure, could not stand myself, would put cold towels around my head, and hit my head,(tyl #3 and demerol did not work for pain), pain might go away for a few days, but I would still feels unbalance, loss vision, out of breath, then I would vomit for no reasons then pain would be unbearable. I would appears drunk to other peoples and I do not even drink.
  168. Generalized, however, they were not noteworthy.
  170. Headaches did not occur until about five years into the diagnosis and were a significant factor in the decision to finally have surgery. Headaches occurred primarily in the morning upon waking, almost every morning. They dissipated as the day progressed and were helped by aspirin. Headaches disappeared immediately after surgery and did not return.
  171. Only one the day before diagnosis. Hurt very badly all day and night with almost no relief until went in next morning for CT and the found PNET Medulloblastoma.
  172. an unbelievable, undescribeable pounding with vomitting.
  173. Constant unbearable pain in my head.
  174. migraines...severe pain followed by nausea and vomiting
  175. Migraine type headache with aura, starting on right side of face and moving behind left eye. Seeing star like light, and vomiting. Went to ER and MRI found tumor. I had been to my primary care Physician for migraines. about 7 months earlier. Tumor is in right frontal lobe.
  176. caffinee withdrawl type headache.
  177. A band across the forehead above the brow where sinus headaches normally are felt.
  178. It was like I had the flu.
  179. constant pressure
  180. more like pounding pressure, like I could hear my pulse in my brain
  181. Headaches were extremely severe. He was awake all night in pain the night before he was diagnosed. The pain was better in the morning. The headaches were there for 2 days.
  182. the pain brought me to my knees. Also vision went black
  183. Severe, sharp pain at top of head. Persistent, beyond normal headache.
  184. they were there when I woke up in the morning. then got better after I was up and took a shower.
  185. instant, usually associated with activity
  186. Headaches started when I was 12, thought to be menstrual or stress related,with adolescent mood swings. Right sided only, deep into the temporal region and the right eye socket to the back of the skull. Very painful, knifelike not dull like a hypertensive headache. Daily headaches always after school. EEG in 1974 was done becuase of the them.Vomiting didnt begin until 1988 when the undiagnosed lesion was finally found. Headaches continue still today, 34 years later from commencement.
  187. Had first headache four days before diagnosis, intermittent vomiting for 6 weeks. Headache was a sharp pain behind the eye.
  188. i would wake up with my neck and head hurting so much i thought my neck would break if i turned it wrong. my first tumor was located in the 4th ventricle and blocked the flow of CSF which is what intensified my pain.
  189. Severe pain over left eye when bending over.
  190. The headaches were like sinus headaches and this was my diagnosis for a year or more. Treated with sinus medications.
  191. severe painfull headaches that would last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.
  192. No head pain
  193. very intense, they were worse at the time when i was vomiting. With the headaches I became sensitive to light, nausea..and they would start in one area of my brain and continue to another area.
  194. Headaches were similar to previous sinus headaches , pressure was focused on the right side of the face, including the frontal sinus area, and behind the right eye. In my observation the difference was no refief was achieved from the regular "Motrin sinus " med. which would normally give relief, within a day if enough was taken. This headache never gave up!!!! One of the determing factors for the ER MD to take a CAT scan, headache had been building for a week.
  195. Never had headaches
  197. I started having headaches when I was about 12 years old. My headaches were very excruciating, and would basically hinder me from executing my daily activities. I would end up laying down all day, and not moving all that much. It hurt when I moved around my head or body, so I remained still as much as I could.
  198. It felt like my head was going to explode. I'd get a "hot" sensation around my neck and at the top of my head and then the pain would be so bad I would pass out.
  199. Mild headaches has been going for a long time, especially in the afternoon.
  200. only had one significant headache about a month before diagnosis -- didn't think anything of it== ALSO: re the questions below about the doctor's diagnosis below: a variety of doctors missed this (an M.D. psychiatrist, who should have had some neurology in his background, totally dismissed, on at least 3 occasions, the complaints of "word-jumbling" (now known as aphasia) and the funny electric feelings up and down my husband's left arm (now known as focal seizures); an ER doc didn't do tests on his head after my husband fell down the steps; the orthopedist who saw my husband for a 6-week post injury check was the one that said he really needed to see a neurologist; my husband finally agreed to see a neurologist, and the only person I could beg his way into that day actually was a neurosurgeon friend-of-a-friend, who knew it was something significant, but thought it was probably a slow bleed from the fall down the steps, but he knew that needed to get an MRI immediately.
  201. Terrible pain just hours before emergency room visit. None before then. (see next question)
  202. Horrible pain in the middle of my forehead. Debilitating, like someone was driving a nail through my forehead.
  203. They hurt for about a month prior to the diagnosis, mostly in the back of the head. Initial guess by the doc was that it was a sinus infection. near the end pain pills lost their effectiness forcing my wife to go into the hospital where they did a brain scan.
  204. Nagging headache the day before the seizure, but not debilitating.
  205. pain radiating up the back and right side of my neck; then later a squeezing all over
  206. like those when we don't have enough coffee in the morning
  207. none experienced
  208. headaches mostly on right side of head stabbin light pains
  209. mild, quick, pinching nerve type headaches. Didn't need to take tylenol for them. Would happen every few minutes. Didn't disturb my sleep.
  210. Extrordinarily Painful
  211. My husband had only 3 headaches which led to diagnosis. The headaches were like migraines, with tunnel vision and nausea. The tunnel vision and nausea only accompanied the headaches. They were the worst headaches he'd ever had, and the pain was concentrated in the back, near the base of his skull. (His tumor is in the front, though.) A few things didn't add up to "migraine" though - migraines are usually behind the eyes, he had no light sensitivity like one does with a migraine, and we wracked our brains but could find no trigger for the headaches. Those oddities, combined with the fact that it's unusual for a 33 year old man to suddenly have migraines after never having any headaches, made us seek a neurologist quickly. Although the neurologist truly thought he was fine, adn just having migraines, he did order an MRI "to rule out a tumor or stroke." THe MRI was done immediately and led to the tumor dx. Although the neurologist suggested the MRI, we wouldn't have left the office that day without one. I had a very bad gut feeling that something was very wrong.
  212. severe across the brow and the back of neck
  213. very strong migrane type
  214. Slight headache on playing high notes on my trumpet
  215. I had these severe migranes that kept waking me up at night when laying on pillow. I could only sleep in reclining chair.
  216. Some were mild, one was really severe, (right before the diagnosis.) My sister has migraines, so I thought maybe that was what they were.
  217. facial pain on the left side
  218. No headaches
  219. The headaches/nausea always occured in the morning. And the pain was in the right frontal lobe. It was so painful all I wanted to do was lay down and rest.
  220. They would wake me in my sleep with stabbing pains in the eye that would go around my eye into my ear. Nothing that I took would relieve the pain.
  221. very small headaches; at least once a day.
  222. I had headaches for far over a year before diagnosis which were usually similar to sinus headaches, although sometimes I had migraines.
  223. If felt as if I were to take a power drill to the left side of my skull, and make a hole, I could relieve some pressure. I knew there was pressure in my head, but I thought that my sinuses were just overly filled (or so I was hoping)
  224. Did not have any headaches.
  225. Pain behind the eye
  226. Constant, mild
  227. I'd had headaches for nearly 30 years -these were really intense, frequent and debilitating - I thought they might be migraines
  228. felt like being struck with a bolt of lightning
  229. dull, early morning headaches (This is what my Dad experienced)
  230. dont remember
  231. pressure inside my head with burning sensation down the back of my head
  232. headaches back of head
  234. sharp pain on forehead, then pain was in back of head on the cerabellum.
  235. they were painfull
  236. i can't sleep because of headaches
  237. Like if I had been given a gun, I would had shot myself, it was so bad. I had never felt anything that bad in a long, long time (at 15, had same headaches that lasted for a couple of months, which they think now was when meningioma initially grew, then sat dormant for almost thirty years without symptoms)
  238. the whole back part of my head would hurt and continue to hurt for 4-5 days in a row. nothing worked to make it stop
  239. Just on the left side it feels weird.its not realli a headache
  240. full dullness like water on the brain sharp quick pain
  241. The headaches were in the back of my head and over my eyes. I would go to sleep and wake up with a headache. I feel as though my head is moving when they are really bad and are whooshing as though I have just taken a long run but have just been sitting down. I actually have to hold my head to be sure it is not moving in a pulsating motion up and down!
  242. Had one headache that so severe we thought possible migraine went to V.A was told low potassium level.
  243. Numb feeling above the right eye.Tumor was in the right frontal lobe.
  244. Excrutiating headache accompanied by nausea and vomitting
  245. Throbbing sensation toward the back of my head.
  246. awful, the worst headaches ever
  247. I had headaches on/off for as long as I can remember-dr thought sinus, the last year before dx it was 24/7 and meds only lasted a short time finally they didn't do much at all. The final 2 weeks before surgery I took 5/500 vicodine -- I just slept
  248. I felt like a part of my brain was being squeezed - that happened three times.
  249. Suffered from headaches and migranes most of life so not considered any different.
  250. throbbing. Relieved when vomited or rested.
  252. My whole head felt like it was ready to explode.
  253. First felt like a sinus cold, and treated with sinus medication with temporary relief. Progressed to 'sinus' pressure, then inability to move head when lying down.
  254. Sinus headaches
  255. excruciating, accompanied by nausea and vomiting
  256. Throbbing, particularly with change of position.
  257. I have had head aches in the back of my head most all my life.They are very painful and the only relier I get is lieing down and covering my eyes from light.
  258. Worse later in the day. Worse if you would bend over and then stand up.
  259. Intense headache, blood pressure went very high during and immediately after the headache, headache was short term.
  261. My daughter couldn't explain how her headaches felt, just that her head hurt.
  262. Some were throbbing, some like an ice pick - all one sided
  263. they felt like a knife going in and out of my head repeatedly
  264. Didn't have any
  265. Did not have headaches (apparently this is very uncommon)
  266. Extreme pain and presure on left side of head, as if head was going to explode.
  267. pain behind eye as if something was pressing the eyeball
  268. I woke up with headaces (in the back of my head) every day for months. They kept getting worse, eventually with nausea. By the time I was diagnosed they were very painful, and accompanied by vomiting.
  269. i have headaches for 2 years or more that were migrains but it was the body pain that came about in the last few months and the seizure that i had that made them look at my brain cat scan and mri then they found the tumor
  270. None
  271. i don't have any headech before diagnosis.but after the 2 and half month when dr. declare that i am ok with my tumor after that time i feel headache arround the head may be its from cold and synus
  272. not extremely painful, usually early morning, around forehead and temple area ..pressure headache
  273. Mine were in the morning when I first woke up and were gone by midmorning. I had them for several years and thought it was caffeine related, since they were fairly mild.
  274. sensitive aching headache
  275. Dull Eche, not servere just there and on the low right side.
  276. shocky and sudden, from the back of my neck to my eye on the left side of head.
  277. very painful
  278. sharp pains
  279. Stabbing pain around the size of the tip of my finger in my upper left forehead. Burning sensation spread from that location. Headache got worse daily over a 3 week period before Meningioma was found.
  280. The headache felt like a belt was wrapped around my skull and getting tighter every day.
  281. sharp, very strong, pounding, coming and going in horrible attacks
  282. my head pain is chronic severe,debilatating pain,extreme preasure in posterior fossa area,extreme sensitivity to light sound,noise,all symtoms worsen with the preasure and pain.all symtoms are now present more often than not. head pain never leaves,diagnosis-extremely large sub arachniod cyst in posterior fossa,told that it cannot affect me nor cause the symptoms i discribed,i also have lost some of my intellegnce? icannot speak nor spel as well as i did and it has alsowosrened. No doctor i have seen can tell me what is happening to me,i am always tiold that nothing is related but i have yet to find a docter that can tell me what is happening to me,or why it is happening. they only want to treat the symptoms ,i have had headahces since childhood,they became migraines I was told in my late teens,they progressively have grown wosre over time and since the later 90s i developed the siezures and all the rest,I wish i could find a doctor that could explain to me what is happening to my brain and my body.I had to see ten different doctors before i could get a mri and i have seen others since that cannot tell me anything other than the cyst cannot be removed becase of size and location ,the one that gets me is that i am told my heeadache and other symptoms cannoat be explain BUT i am told that nothing can be related back to the golf ball size growth in my head.
  283. no head aches
  284. I have always had hedaches most of my life they seem to be across the top of my eyes and I also suffer from perhaps 1 or 2 migraines per year. i often used to wake up with a headache
  285. I use to have mygranes and would go to sleep but now they go away when they are ready it don't matter what I take or how much even if I go to sleep
  286. I had headaches since I was a teenager, young adult. In my 20s and 30s, I experienced feelings of deja vu. I wasn't dx with my tumor until I was 42, and I was told those long-ago feelings of deja vu were most likely seizures. The headaches were increasing and rarely-ending...a severe pounding on the left side of my head to the point every step I took increased the pain. My dx is also debatable. Pathology reports showed a DNET. I had my tumor sent to Johns Hopkins, and they indicated it was a glioma but they could see why my hospital thought it was a DNET.
  287. in nape of neck. didnt feel better with medicine or different positions
  288. like someone was stabbing me, could not function, sick to my stomach
  289. i woke up every morning with a sore head
  290. i constantly get headaches and they are mainly on the left side if my face/head, my left arm and leg also get tight,numb
  291. at the back of the head, base of the neck
  292. My headache came on very suddenly and was like a migraine, but with more pain in back of head.
  293. Not applicable.
  294. Only one was very bad; others were more "normal" but came nearly every day.
  295. Painful stabbing reelings. but constantly there. Also like a hand is pressing hardly on the back of my head.
  296. sometime had a throbbing sensation that would run along the right side of my head from just above my ear and move, it was a sharp pain. headaches usually ingulf my entire head. but mostly sharp pain right side of head.
  297. awaken each morning with headache, most days passes after taking pain killers
  298. like a tight band from ear to ear
  299. throbbing feeling as if it were growing.
  300. Someone splitting my head open or hitting me with a large object
  301. slight headache every morning that wasnt too painful then later in the day it would go away.
  302. eye pressure. worst ever had
  303. masive splitting headaches
  304. acute to chronic pain, with enormous pressure, that I could not get rid of.
  305. sinus
  306. the temples and back of head as well as feeling weird on the top of my head and I get dizzy from time to time.
  307. I only had an ear ache. It felt as though someone was penetrating my ear with an ice pick
  308. They were towards the front of my head adn were sharp pains that would come and go and sometimes brought on by bright lights.
  309. hot sword going into head above right eye and exiting in back of skull on bottom left side
  310. A 25 on a scale of 1 to 10.
  311. No memory of headaches.
  312. I have very bad headache at night time
  313. Sinus forehead and facial pressure. Dull and nagging, daily, relieved with Motrin on a regular basis prior to diagnosis of brain tumor.
  314. close to a migraine with neasea and burning throbing pain but not all the time
  315. remained on the left side of my head only.
  316. head hurts, crackling noise, start from back then to front
  317. a bird pecking on the inside of my head
  318. sharp pain above right eye and around the eye almost like and ice cream headache but worse
  319. Cannot be described, much worse and different than any other headache I have ever had.
  320. Dull, steady ache above and around eyes
  321. Sharp,stabbing headaches, some lasting only seconds. They come in clusters and are very intense, almost like a brain freeze from eating something cold.
  322. Very strong
  323. lke mild migrains behind my eyes. My tumour was the size of a manderine on the left side of my brain, so likly cause by excessve presure.
  324. migranes
  325. Pounding, throbing & continuos.
  326. I had a couple of very severe events. The pain was intolerable, my head felt like a water balloon, it caused severe pain to move my eyes, my whole body felt tight.
  327. Sort of like a migraine but with no nausea.
  328. was getting treated for virtigo as i had bad ear pain
  329. slow throbs
  330. Very mild headaches, which I never had a history of headaches before this
  331. Sharp stabbing pains at the base of my neck, behind left eye and center of head.
  332. sharp pains coursing through my head like knives they moved a lot and lasted for ages
  333. it feels like every movement i make i lift my head,i feel like something is moving and it only happens on the left side of my temple
  334. Just felt like a headache
  335. I was about to fall down and i felt dizzy too
  336. sever pain
  337. strong with great long lasting pain
  338. Intense pressure -- feeling as though my brain was in a vice.
  339. I felt bad, if felt if my head was going the side
  340. not diagnosed yet
  341. A pressure type of headache that was always in one area.
  342. regular headaches, was taking over the counter medicine every 4 hours like it was candy.
  343. no
  344. no
  345. More like shooting pains. Left Parietal area. would occasionally radiate to front of head only on left side.
  346. left side pain by the ear worse in the morning
  347. I had a dull headache that lasted for three days straight, and nothing aleviated it.
  348. Presure, throbbing, neck pain
  349. Intense pain at the back of my head and neck and shoulders sometimes too.
  350. Throbbing pain that made it impossible to concentate. I thought they were stress headaches but found out the hard way that they weren't.
  351. I have had headache now for 15 - 20 years and up till the last 5 or 6 years was always told that they where just stress or sinus headache about 5 and ahalf years ago all the stress and sinus Medication I was taking stopped working and in desberation tried Imatrix and that stopped that Headaches that I was having at that time. So the Doctor told me that if the Imatrix works it must be a Mirgrain!
  352. The aches started in the upper neck, getting stonger and taking the wehole head
  353. worse when lying down
  354. I had a hard pain in my temple, that felt very deep. Nobody could figure out if it was caused by a tooth or my sinuses. I also had a very severe sharp shooting pain that came and went.
  356. At times my headaches are intense but most of the time it feels like a stresss headache. I have pressure in my ears and my vision is cloudy or blurred.
  357. usually in front on sides fom head some times on right side only
  358. very strong headaches. thought it was migraines.
  359. I had some headaches but not too many for me to consider the quantity unusual. I had one bad headache with extreme pain all night long accompanied by a slight sensation of pressure in my head. Extra strength Tylenol had no effect.
  360. constant pain
  361. violent headaches
  362. No headaches period.
  363. Tension headaches
  364. They felt like tremendous pressure pushing against the front of my head.
  365. They would wake me up at night usually and I had light sensitivity while having them. I would wake my wife up and have her get me some pain pills and that would seem to take care of it.
  366. usual morning headache...thought it was from my pillow being too soft.
  367. throbing sharp pains constant aches
  368. Dull ache in left back side
  369. my head felt like it was being torn right down the middle.vomiting.any movement made me very ill
  370. my headaches were very painful they were the worst punding ever it felt like someone was kicking me in my head with a 20 pound shoe
  371. The absolute worst pain I could have ever imagined. The pain was so bad, it actually was about 1000 times worse than childbirth. I laid on the floor for a couple days without realizing it because I was too sick to do anything, including move.
  372. Phase wise headache in different part of brain
  373. nope
  374. pressure that lasted for 14day with no relief
  375. pain in my neck, stabbing in the side of where the tumor is
  376. it was a very sharp stabbing and burning sensation
  377. I don't have a diagnosis
  378. Like major sinus pressure, back of head aches with little or no releif from liquid advil,
  379. very heavy and unable to shift for quite some time
  380. severe headaches in one spot of my head above my eye pressure behind my left eye blacked out vision in left eye for a few seconds dizziness
  381. At first they were a dull pressure at the back of my head, worse in the morning. As the days went on, it got worse, lasted longer, and more frequent and the headache would also affect the right side of my head at the front. Eventually it was all over my head constantly.
  382. There was pain in the back of my head that actually made me cry. I would put ice on it and lie down. I also would have headaches while sleeping that would go away when I sat up. Imitrex had no effect. People said that I had a personality change, but I did not recognize it.
  383. explosive bursts of pain that resulted in loss of consciousness - one of the worst things i have ever felt in my 15 years of life
  384. constant,woke with them in forehead area and nothing helped the pain
  385. I was backing the car up to leave the house, I turned sharply to the right to look out the back window and lost my vision for about a second or two. This happened twice within 2 weeks. Headaches had worsened over this period of time.
  386. Extreame pressure on the right forehead above the sinus.
  387. pressure one side of my head
  388. I had nausea and my teethe felt like I had a bad tooth nerve. I soon after started noticing I was havin word troubles.
  389. Not too bad because I had already adapted to my frequent headaches, I had it for a LONG TIME!
  390. light short
  391. i felt like someone is shaking my brain not just my head.its more like a big waves in the sea.
  392. None
  393. like my head was going to explode and felt very hot
  394. Very strong from the top to the back of my head
  395. not real hurtful but several times a day. Especially if I lay my head on back of the sofa.
  396. Sharp pains
  397. i suffered vertigo for the last 6 years, the world revolve around me, pain in the right side of face, bad migraine,
  398. No headaches
  399. deep behind left eye, not shrp and controlable with paracetamol
  400. on the one side of my head its very painful and it haappenes everyday my head is always burning and i feel dizzy
  401. dull aching
  402. it felt like my brain was exploding
  403. No headaches
  404. I only began having headaches after I had a sudden vision change not before. Now the headaches are a regular thing. Eyesight has cleared up some I don't see double anymore and my equalibrium is better but I still have a tingling sensation in my left leg and arm
  405. Deadly. I could not get out of bed. Like an ice cream headache that wouldn't go away. More pain than ever.
  406. its like sever acute pain in brain which is hitting left side.many time a day.
  407. Normal headaches, but more often than normal.
  408. like a sharp knife going into jour brain.
  409. concentrated at the front centre of my forehead and then pounding all over my head
  410. As my brain will burst in a short time.
  411. pounding a throbing i had them everyday all day
  412. no
  413. Migraines, loss of vision in one eye, slurred speech, wrong words, numbness in one side of body.
  414. Migraines...left side numbness, right side vision loss, vascular migraines
  415. very strong headaches that didn't last too long and, at the same time,blurred vision
  416. pressure in back of head and neck
  417. sharp pain
  418. no
  419. sometimes on one side with a terrible neck pain and sometimes with to much pressure in the head
  420. pressure left side of face
  421. so bad you did not want to open your eyes.
  422. i had really bad migraines. my head would hurt in odd places.
  423. painful woke me up from sleep
  424. too much headache, top of the head,
  425. Like my head was going to explode, extreme nausea, no balance, flashing lights. Still waiting for a full diagnosis please help if you can!
  426. i have been having bad headaches when i wake up in the morning and they stay with me all day.
  427. sinus
  428. headaches, tension behind the eyes and tension headaches
  429. sharp stabbing pains localized in the temporal lobe ( today have moved around from one area to another) onset in the morning lasting most of the morning. past few days have had mild headache that has lasted severeral days.
  430. low bloodpresure
  431. Heavy the whole head and neck
  432. like i was going to die and my head was exploding - i could only think - why me ? i'm only 16 years old ...
  433. before top of head now around neck leading all around head
  434. i feel like sumbody is hitting me at the back side of my head.
  435. someone kicking me
  436. Pressure pushing out...Needed to take vicodin to even come close to stopping some of the pains.
  437. my headaches make it feel like my head is gonna explode,and my jaw vison is blury ..sometimes feel week and my arm is num
  438. very painful brought on with the pressure change, usually last a few minutes.
  439. thought they were migraines, needed to sleep, darkness helped
  440. throbing,instant pains, hurts if u move yuor head
  441. I had headaches ALL the time but I did not think they were worthy of reporting to a dr. because I could take Advil or Motrin and it would go away.
  442. crazy pain, intense
  443. sharp pounding pains coming in attacks and sometimes not allowing function
  444. scale of one to 10 ...12
  445. horrible pain on head and face, starting from back of neck till the chin.
  446. Painful for a couple of minutes.
  447. low grade migraine from eyes to back of head or like a bad hang-over
  448. My headaches are always heavy. Extreme headache in the right front of my head and also in the back.
  449. headache near by neck
  450. I was diagnosed as having migraines from the time I was eight years old. They were very much the same in pain and occasionally I would vomit with them, but they never woke me from my sleep. I now have many auras, wake up with nasty headaches, no relief from the not even have one day with a headache
  451. dizziness and disfunction
  452. Screaming pain for a moment and then a dull thud.
  453. My son (16 years old) described his headaches as a 3 to 5 second sharp pain, then would go away. He started to notice what would bring them on, like standing up too fast, using alot of force during activity. Sometime he would say they were like a headrush feeling, starting low going to high pain then back to low all during this 3 to 5 second period.
  454. dull sometimes sharp mostly on the right side to the middle of my head
  455. tghdn
  456. migraine, 2 days before seizure. only lasted a couple hours.
  457. just tension
  458. yes,they started one day before going to see a doctor,i had a very strong headache at my left side of fellt like a strong preasure.i thought i had to vomitt
  459. felt like hell
  461. Tingling in back of head
  462. no headaches, until I encountered car accident
  463. no
  464. minor.felt sinus in nature
  465. head splintering
  466. Peircing pain in left side of the brain
  467. Peircing pain in left side of the brain
  468. headache
  469. a lot of pressure - I would take my hand and hold tight to my head
  470. they felt like somebody is beating with hammer and once the will be severe and once the head will tighted like a rope
  471. like my head wanted to explode
  472. normal on the same side of my head as my tumor (Left front lobe)
  473. Described as the worst ever imaginable. The "tumor headache"as he called it....very different from any other. Any head movement like going down stairs would bring it on or the dog jumping on the bed..these happened right before diagnosis. The ones before, usually were like migraines-behind right eye and all symptoms went on and off for years-1997 to diagnosis- 2004.Except the nausea and vomiting-that started one year prior to diagnosis.
  474. it felt like a thousands bees stung me at the one time.
  475. more deeper pain in the head than the normal headaches i use to get
  476. my headaches feel like there's like something in there banging against my head really hard.
  477. yes they felt strong
  478. Pain was all over the head and felt worse in the temporal area.
  479. Only one headache lasting two days but this was the first headache I had suffered from in over 45 years.
  480. pain top of head and behind eyes
  481. top of my head aches most of the time, sometimes wakes me up at night
  482. slight
  483. sharp pain, numbness of head, smell increased, sounds very loud, intensity never affected by tylenol stronger the headach the more nausea i had
  484. Unbearable headaches. Light agravated my pain. I laid in bed for days with a bag of ice on my head, with little relief.
  485. bad
  486. head pain in night ......need to hold the head ......... head pain only on one side ......... if i rest my head it will be better...
  487. Came on very suddenly like being hit in the head wsith a baseball bat, nearly knocked me over, intense pain, nausea, but over in about 5 minutes
  488. Pounding headaches that wouldn't go away
  489. thunderclap migraines on left side (tumour also primarily left side occiptal) lasting a few minutes.
  490. they felt like if someone was poking my brain with a needle
  491. pain in the neck
  492. migrain
  493. no headaches whatsoever in this 2.5 year period (or since surgical resection & radiation)
  494. Can't recall them enough but do remember that I went from virtually no headaches a year to getting several in the two years before diagnosis and becoming desperate for a painkiller in the last few months, through to those having little effect on the pain. Hmm, vaguely remember spikes going through my head-- nasty with an icy edge, a feeling like a rusty object has. Very similar to some of the ones I currently have, only these 'new' ones are worse-- much more pressurized. I hafta to add that my normal doctor missed the diagnosis after a sudden numb leg and loss of cohesive cognition on a hot day-- he believed it was stroke related. Instead, a year or so later, slurred speech and thoughts, trouble finding words, leftside face/arm/leg numbness in an emergancy situtaion caused a doc to order a CT scan, looking for stroke or multiple sclerosis or hypothyroidism instead.
  495. muscles like pain
  496. The worst pain ever, in my front forehead which radiates to my middle upper in the hair.
  497. Headheach lead to the left side of the head and pressure
  498. Like a jack hammer going off full blast in my head.
  499. it wasn't like a typical headache, more like a pressure in my head
  500. They hurt on topof my head and forbear
  501. Severe throbbing - like migraines
  502. dull and suddenly sharp
  503. I had a very serious headache but when my mom noticed it is so severe she panicked.because i was puking and i wanted dark room,no noise and she was constantly rubbing my head but i was asking her to put more pressure on my head.
  504. migraine
  505. Piercing pain that would go down to my neck, into my jaw, and last a long time, days..
  506. like migrane
  507. pounding in my head,
  508. hot burning sensation
  509. Throbing
  510. Migranes
  511. right side throbbing
  512. it"s like everyting is revolving
  513. Like a Jack Hammer going off full blast in my head. In a heart beat like feeling.
  514. dull
  515. pressure at the top of my head and forehead
  516. i feel its too much pain ths is like 8 years
  517. pain, imbalance, dizziness
  518. nagging but not painful
  519. throbbing on my forhead. some in the back of my head. sometimes i get this feeling like someone just split the top leftside of my head open with an axe
  520. very dull, sensitive to light
  521. short appx. 7 sec sharp pains in my head that happen 5-6 times a day
  522. A throbbing/stabbing pain in the back of my head and down the right side of my neck
  523. intense, sharp pain across a quarter of my head. a shooting pain that would nearly knock me off my feet. intercranial pressure had built up over years. unbeknownst to me.
  524. Pain across the forehead and down my nose also under my eyes-thought it was sinus? Headachesmostly in forhead & around the back of my head.Caused no change in vision.
  525. the headaches are all over my head and i get that i hit my dad & mum and i get pain in my body as well
  526. Like a baseball cap of horrific pain.
  527. Like a rollercoaster.. ups and downs
  528. Like i had bad migrains
  529. Never ending
  530. loud pounding heartbeat that drowned out external sounds, earth shattering h/a's that lasted about 15 seconds, would sometimes end up on the floor with no idea how I got there, sometimes unable to see or understand what I was seeing at the time of the h/a, walking was difficult during a h/a and diving over potholes or small bumps felt like someone was slamming my head with a 300 lb weight
  531. Constant lay you out on the floor pain
  532. sinus, migraines occasionaly
  533. migraine with nausea
  534. not severe headaches.
  535. Sharp stabbing pain in my head different from migraines.
  536. Migraines but worse. My head would go numb, my head, arms and legs still go numb and tingling
  537. It felt like someone put my head into a vice grip and they lasted days. On occasion it would be like someone was stabbing me in the head on my right side.
  538. ongoing
  539. Squeezing sharp and dull pain always lingering
  540. A banging sledge hammer that blast from the back of my head right through to my left eye
  541. Increase pressure in head and short pain at times
  542. I am deeply tuoehcd as I read your blogs. Thank you for opening your heart to share the triumphs and struggles you and your family have endured.
  543. I do always dizzy
  544. I had a lot of headaches I attributed to stress, but in hindsight were most likely the tumour.
  545. Sharp global pains throughout my head, and also throbbing constant headaches with tremendous pressure like my eyes are pushed against the sockets.
  546. Bad pain in back of head upon waking and lingered during day. Didn't have pain every day.
  547. I never had headaches before that I can didn't know the obvious cause. Like exposure to chemicals in a cleaning product used in a small space. Bad head-cold etc. In the last year I've had sharp pain that was pinpoint in location and some caused vomiting and significant vision disruption.
  548. front of head severe
  549. throbbing
  550. getting the headaches like once a month they last 24 48 hours/ feels like pressure/ squeeze to the head, a very dull ache and moves from left to right starting in the eye area
  551. right side or left side head ache i get often ,skull can be seen,nw days i becoming unconsiousness and falling down,tiredness
  552. Massive headache; pain killers did nothing to help
  553. Change in severity of migraines, and cluster headaches began. They felt like someone was boring into my head with a red hot poker, and stabbing in the eye with a knife. Any movement made the pain much worse.
  554. They usually were migraines then started on one side of neck and went up same side of my head to front of head with pain around my ear
  555. a mask from eyes down nose squeezing
  556. hang over
  557. I had headaches for years but they were getting worse (diagnosed with seasonal allergies). Then one day during orgasm I got the worse headache ever, it felt like my head was being squeezed and although the pain decreased it never went away.
  558. Whole brain throb. Not sharp, dull but never went away.
  559. they felt like something was pressing up against my temple.
  560. bright sunlight would bring them on.
  561. I had migraine headaches which increased in frequency and duration the weeks before I suffered two tonic clonic siezures. The seizures were severe enough that the ER ran tests to determine what caused them, which led to the discovery of a brain lesion.
  562. Low grade persistant pressure, except two episodes at 3 months and 11 months before diagnosis where I had a more intense headache lasting several days with associated mild nausea.
  563. sharp stabbing pain
  564. Hot searing pain
  565. Everyday headaches for the pass 5 mnths its everwhere back & front, & both sides of my head.
  566. Head-splitting
  567. like a headhead and tickle in my head
  568. like migrane
  569. They are throbbing and feels like something trying to push out of my head.
  570. A headache that felt like my whole brain was sore on both days that I had the seizure. I have always had headaches, but these were different.
  571. Yes like headaches that's feel like heavy and hard like rock so I push something hard like laptop on my head and it feel good but took the laptop off my head pain come back? I don't have diagnosis and went to Doctor and they give me med but don't work so my mom give me pain killer pill and it stop than sleep and moringcome back the pain.
  572. back side of head is paining for 30 days no medicine is curing
  573. my headaches honestly at times felt so bad, they felt like ice cream or cold headaches that you get when you eat or drink something thats cold too fast.
  574. sharp shooting pain
  575. no headaches (even now in advanced stage)
  576. Pain at front of head
  577. I have not been diagnosed I'm trying to find out what is wrong with me , I've had a lump at the top of my head for some time it feels like an acorn as been pushed in there
  578. haziness
  579. Instanse sharp pain for 4-5 seconds, occurring primarily in the morning
  580. Very intense deep headache from temple to temple across the forehead and from behind the eyes, also pounding sensation in the head.
  581. One sided
  582. Constant disturbing gnawing throbbing pain
  583. severe right sided results of abi headaches behind left ear severe sometimes both ears
  584. Painfull couldnt sleep
  585. Headache is slightly different from normal headache all around head intermittent pain
  586. dull headaches centered around both temples and middle of forehead
  587. right sided migraines
  588. Like pressure in one spot of my head
  589. Very severe with nausea and vomiting. Thinking it was the flu
  590. Heavy feeling on head head pounding
  591. Like my head was going to explode.
  592. Had occasionally had bad migraines in the past but don't think they were immediately related. On the day before I had the first major seizure (when I was sleeping) left work early and had the worst headache ever. Took migraine medication but that did nothing so tried to sleep it off (and instead hit by my first seizure).
  593. very painful like a stabbing pain
  594. headache in all of my head, dull and lasting hours.
  595. pain on right side of face or head
  596. Pounding, Hammering, dizziness, light hurts
  597. A headache like I have never felt before
  598. The worst headaches feel like a combination of a sinus headache and a migraine - all the pressure in sinus and ear plus the sharp pain and intensity of a migraine with nausea.
  599. I had HAs daily in the frontal and occipital region. Approx 2 wks before the pain on the top of my head started & I would push down on my head to achieve slight relief.
  600. The headaches began as a constant dull pain. Over several months they intensified. I went to the doctor when they were accompanied with nausea and throwing up.
  601. Banging headaches in the back and top of my head like a sledge hammer
  602. Extreme pressure, disoriented, confused,unsteady gait and recovering from labyrinthectomy
  603. It feels like am nausea but am not
  604. pounding headaches
  605. Head on the right side of my head
  606. Pressure in right side of head.
  607. Headache in eyeball with soreness and seeing specks of light
  608. A lightning bolt
  609. Intense throbbing pain behind right eye and not so much behind left eye.
  610. I did have some head aches but not all the time. when I did have one it would be more like a migraine.
  611. Sharp pointed object piercing centre of head, pain upto shoulder
  612. painful
  613. dull, achy, persistent, in temples
  614. migraines with nausea, vomiting, and weakness
  615. Like my head was exploding
  616. Pinching and pulsing
  617. it shuts mood down, when occur suddenly
  618. Stabbing to the head aggressive but not long lasting
  619. Almost like a migraine, sometimes feeling of pressure/or like my head was going to explode in certain positions.
  620. No
  621. Like a pounding on the side of my head.
  622. No headaches
  623. Throbbing in neck ears eyes nose and neck n face
  624. i have no diagnoses i have migraines 24/7 at the base of my neck which cause weakness tingling
  625. on right side painful not relieved by any kind of med.
  626. Like I had a hangover
  627. Like migraines
  628. My first headache was so bad we initially thought it was meningitis. The headaches I have been having have been constant, with tension like pain where my neck meets my skull, my temples, and behind my eyes/sinuses. Sometimes I get a sharp stabbing pain coming from the general area where the lesion is.
  629. Dull pain above left ear. I thought it was an ear infection. N then all these other symptoms followed.
  630. terrble
  631. Horrible headaches on entire right side of head and behind the eye, always happened on the weekend I would have so many things I would want to do and would just feel so bad I couldn't do anything but just sit there.
  632. No headache in months before stroke and identification of tumor and none in 3 years since idenification and through 2 surgeries and radiation and chemo.
  633. knife stabbing pains in my head where lesions are located.
  634. my hair hurt, extreme headaches, pressure completely dibilating pain This was a epidermoid tumor that I carried for 45 years and didn't know it. I fell at home,hit my head on the coffee table and was found during a CT scan at the ER
  635. excruciating
  637. painful
  638. pressure originating from the space between my ears
  639. They were migraines that would not go away even with 1000mg of medication that I cannot remember from 4 years ago. It was a knife stabbing pain on the temporal lobes that went back into my neck regions that when they were kicking would bring me down into a size of a bowling ball and tears would be pouring.
  640. tightness in my head
  641. Horrific. Migraines.
  642. Stabbing sensation pressure in rear and on left the side of head and in the left mastoid bone
  643. sharp pain, feel like getting hid with a baseball bat. i have to force myself to keep my eyes open.
  644. sharp, hot stabbing pains in the entire back of my head
  645. Pounding inside of my head sometimes it felt like a knife was going up & down inside of my head
  646. Pressure and sharp stabbing pains
  647. Pain in the right top of my head on the right side
  648. Constant dull nagging ache that never went away, but would sometimes not hurt as much as other times.
  649. pressure like head is going to pop
  650. Tension
  651. went from the top of head all the way down to my neck
  652. They felt like someone was stabbing my brain.
  653. ache and pains at the base of my skull. increased, wave-like pain when straining.
  654. Oh gosh, the most severe pain I had ever had in my life. It felt like there was crowding in my head, like with every heartbeat/pulse of blood flow to my head that the blood wasn't going to fit. With every heartbeat my head pounded from the inside out. Eventually I began also having focalized pain directly behind my right eye (where my tumor was found) and swelling around the eye and a sensation that my brain was trying to come out through my eye socket. Sounds strange but that is literally what felt like was happening
  655. Very bad aspirin naps nor eating something like someone stabbing
  656. sometimes bearable, sometimes severe headaches
  657. Excrutiating!
  658. Extremely painful.Like my head was being squeezed in a vice!
  659. Dull upon wakening, worst when moving my head felt as though it was falling off my neck..THE EAR RINGING GETS LOUDER!!
  660. As if someone had hit me in the head with a sledgehammer.
  661. Very painful head pains. It felt like my head was being ripped apart.
  662. Constant dull aching headache. Sometimes shooting pain, very hard to concentrate on anything, and overwhelming.
  663. sudden like I had been hit in the head and stabbing pain in my head some times
  664. being hit with something in the back of head.this went on for 12 yrs.they found it when i passed out at work.they told me i was having a heart attack yeah right..
  665. nape of neck ache and deep ear canal ache
  666. I have a headache maybe once or twice a year.
  667. Worst headaches I ever felt and pain killers stopped helping after a while, also felt sinus pressure with them
  668. not so much headaches. just feel weak
  669. Pounding constant pain
  670. Intense headache pain only during orgasm. Felt like my entire head was being squeezed. Pain lingered for several days.
  671. pulsating
  672. throbing pain behind eye socket,and it felt like being hit with something. i woke up on the floor didn't no what happen lasted about 30 secs. they told me.thats when the company called for a ambulance and took me to a hospital.
  673. scattered all over head - never one specific area
  674. Felt like my skull was cracking
  675. on right side
  676. Temples dull pain 2 back corners of head ache
  677. pressure on my brain,neck and around my eyes.
  678. Migraines
  679. I have two tumors. one right frontal lobe and one just right of the torcula. The whole right side of my head would hurt.. just a normal throbbing headache but it encompassed just the right side of my head.
  680. sharp pains on left side of my head around my eye
  681. Building pressure that felt like if it would just "pop" it would feel better.
  682. the headache is focused at the front of my head "forehead " and eyes .. I thought my vision is getting weak
  683. my right ear used to pain and i used to hear some sound inside my head.
  684. Constant headache on the side of the tumor

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