Brain Tumor Survivor: Maureen

Last Updated: 1/15/2022
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Update: 6/19/16

I have nothing new to add really, and continue to do well. If milestones are used, February 4, 2016 was 33 years from my first brain tumor removal and April 4, 2016 is now 16 years for the second. No new ones and the one there is not growing. I do not have partial seizure problems anymore and have not for years. No meds for it, either. Meds made matters worse back when (2000).

Update: 3/26/17

I have no changes. I have not been to my neurologist for a year. I go next month.

Update: 2/8/18

I am still fine, no changes and see my neurologist only once a year now. My big news is that as of February 4, 2018, it has been thirty-five (35) years since my first brain surgery! Last year's MRI scan showed no new Meningioma and the existing one is now smaller than originally. And, I turned age 70, last May. So, I count my milestones and I am a survivor!

Update: 9/3/18

I have no changes.

Update: 3/16/2020

I have nothing new to report. I am neurologically stable. I have dealt with a horrific situation these last few months and nearly died in September due to what the medicos did in the hospital. It had nothing to do with brain tumor or neurological condition. I am still dealing with issues as a result.

Update: 6/11/21

I have nothing new to report.

Update: 1/15/2022

Spacer I am doing fine and working on an edit on my third book of my book series, mostly on Living Life Well and facing life challenges and managing them. I began the book series in 2010 and finished the first six volumes in about 2018 and have spent the last two years getting them published. My Book Two will come out in a few weeks, so I will send my announcement then. I will turn 75 on May 3 this year. I am a 39 year survivor on my first brain surgery and a 22 year survivor qon my second one. Last check I had, the deep brain tumor is not growing.

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