Children's National Medical Center
Washington District of Columbia 20010

  Investigator: AeRang Kim
Phone: 202-476-4744
Email: unknown

  Investigator: Eugene Hwang, M.D.
Contact: Eugene Hwang, M.D.
Phone: 202-476-5046
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Eugene Hwang, MD
Contact: Sabrina Malik
Phone: 202-476-4304
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Eugene I. Hwang, MD
Contact: Eugene I. Hwang, MD
Phone: 202-476-4481
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Jason R. Fangusaro
Contact: Jason R. Fangusaro
Phone: 773-880-4562
Email: unknown

  Investigator: Javad Nazarian, PhD
Email: unknown

  Investigator: Jeffrey S. Dome
Contact: Site Public Contact
Phone: 202-884-2549
Email: unknown

  Investigator: Lindsay B. Kilburn
Contact: Lindsay B. Kilburn
Phone: 202-476-5973
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Lindsay Kilburn, MD
Contact: Lindsay Kilburn, MD
Phone: 202-476-3854
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Reuven Schore, MD
Email: unknown

  Investigator: Roger J. Packer, MD
Contact: Bergen I. Kassoff, BA
Phone: 202-476-4481
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Roger Packer
Contact: Elizabeth Paronett
Phone: 202-476-5551
Contact Email:

  Investigator: Roger Packer, MD
Contact: Kaitlin Hardy
Phone: 202-476-5016
Contact Email:

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