The following is a list of brain tumor centers in Czechia. All brain tumor patients should at least get a second opinion from a brain tumor center.
NEW: To be included on this list, the center must have at least one clinical trial listed on

Note: there are duplicate entries for the same hospital when the people entering the trial on spells the name of the facility differently.
So check for variations in the name, such as "New York University" and "NYU". Clicking these will lead to different trials. Check all variations in name!

Brain Tumor Centers in Czechia

Brno Research Site
Brno Masarykuv onkologikcy ustav /ID# 139508
Brno University Hospital Brno
Brno Masarykuv onkologikcy ustav /ID# 143884
Brno Investigational Site Number 2030001
Brno Fakultni nemocnice Brno
Brno Masarykuv onkologicky ustav
Brno Local Institution
Brno Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Ceske Budejovice Local Institution
Hořovice NH Hospital a.s. Nemocnice Hořovice Onkologie
Hradec Králové Fn Hradec Kralove
Hradec Kralove FN Hradec Kralove /ID# 143885
Hradec Kralove University Hospital Hradec Kralove
Hradec Kralove FN Hradec Kralove /ID# 139510
Hradec Kralove Research Site
Klecany NUDZ - National Institute of Mental Health
Klecany National Institute of Mental Health
Liberec Regional Hospital Liberec
Liberec Krajska nemocnice Liberec a.s. /ID# 142024
Olomouc University Hospital Olomouc
Olomouc Fakultni nemocnice Olomouc
Olomouc Fakultni nemocnice Olomoue
Ostrava Fakultni nemocnice Ostrava
Ostrava Univ Hosp Ostrava-Poruba /ID# 143883
Ostrava Univ Hosp Ostrava-Poruba /ID# 139507
Ostrava - Poruba Research Site
Ostrava - Vitkovice Local Institution
Ostrava - Vitkovice Nemocnice AGEL Ostrava-Vitkovice a.s.-Plicni oddeleni
Ostrava-Poruba Fakultni nemocnice Ostrava Kozni oddeleni
Ostrava-Poruba Research Site
Ostrava-Poruba University Hospital Ostrava
Pardubice Onkologicke a radiologicke centrum Multiscan Pardubice
Pilsen University Hospital Plzeň
Plzen Fakultni nemocnice Plzen
Prague Prof. Josef Vymazal, MD. DSc
Prague Na Homolce Hospital
Prague Fakultni nemocnice Kralovske Vinohrady
Prague Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine
Prague Research Site
Prague Fakultni Nemocnice v Motole /ID# 139509
Prague Charles University in Prague
Prague Fakultni Nemocnice v Motole /ID# 142023
Prague Motol University Hospital Prague
Praha Research Site
Praha Investigator Site - Praha
Praha Department of Transplantation Surgery, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Praha Kamila Řasová
Praha 2 Urocentrum Praha
Praha 5 Novartis Investigative Site
Praha 5 Fakultni nemocnice v Motole
Praha 5 - Motol Investigational Site Number 2030001
Praha 8 Fakultni nemocnice Bulovka

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