The following is a list of brain tumor centers in Netherlands. All brain tumor patients should at least get a second opinion from a brain tumor center.
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Note: there are duplicate entries for the same hospital when the people entering the trial on spells the name of the facility differently.
So check for variations in the name, such as "New York University" and "NYU". Clicking these will lead to different trials. Check all variations in name!

Brain Tumor Centers in Netherlands

's-Hertogenbosch Brain Research Center Den Bosch
Almelo ZGT
Amersfoort Meander Medisch Centrum
Amersfoort GSK Investigational Site
Amsterdam Netherlands Cancer Institute
Amsterdam Netherlands Cancer Institute, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital
Amsterdam Amsterdam Medical Universities
Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum
Amsterdam Amsterdam UMC
Amsterdam Brain Research Center
Amsterdam GSK Investigational Site
Amsterdam Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC
Amsterdam Amsterdam UMC, location AMC
Amsterdam Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis
Amsterdam Amsterdam UMC, location VU
Amsterdam Amsterdam Medical Center
Amsterdam Nederlands Kanker Instituut
Amsterdam The Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam
Amsterdam Amsterdam University Medical Centers
Amsterdam Amsterdam UMC Location VUMC
Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum Amsterdam
Amsterdam Academ Zienkenhuis Bij De University
Amsterdam The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Amsterdam Academisch Medisch Centrum
Amsterdam Academic Medical Center
Amsterdam Novartis Investigative Site
Amsterdam VU University Medical Center
Amsterdam Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Department of Neurology
Amsterdam NKI-AVL, Department of Thoracic-Oncology
Amsterdam Vrije Univ Medisch Centrum /ID# 137221
Amsterdam NKI The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Amsterdam Vrije Univ Medisch Centrum /ID# 143889
Amsterdam NKI AVL
Amsterdam VUmc Alzheimer Center and Alzheimer Research Center
Amsterdam Academic Medical Center, Intensive Care
Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum (VUMC)
Amsterdam Research Site
Amsterdam Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Amsterdam Vrije Univ Medisch Centrum /ID# 170152
Amsterdam Amsterdam University Medical Center
Amsterdam NKI-AVL
Arnhem Rijnstate Hospital
Arnhem Radiotherapie Groep
Arnhem Rijnstate
Delft Holland PTC
Delft HollandPTC
Den Bosch GSK Investigational Site
Den Bosch Brain Research Center
Den Bosch Jeroen Bosch Hospital
Den Haag Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Den Haag Research Site
Den Haag Haaglanden Medical Center
Ede Gelderse Vallei
Eindhoven Catharina hospital
Eindhoven Catharina Ziekenhuis
Enschede Medisch Spectrum Twente
Enschede GSK Investigational Site
Enschede Roessingh Research and Development
Groningen UMCG
Groningen University of Groningen Faculty of Medical Sciences, Medical Oncology
Groningen Univ Med Center Groningen /ID# 138266
Groningen Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
Groningen University Medical Center Groningen
Groningen Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
Groningen Univeristy of Groningen (mastocytosis)
Groningen Univ Med Center Groningen /ID# 141408
Groningen UMC Groningen
Haag Haga Ziekenhuis, loc. Leyenburg
Harderwijk Ziekenhuis St. Jansdal
Heerlen Zuyderland MC
Heerlen Atrium Medical Center
Heeze Ep0077 3101
Heeze Stichting Kempenhaeghe
Leiden Leiden University Medical Center (GIST and other solid tumors)
Leiden Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Leiden Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden Leids Universitair Merisch Centrum
Leiden GSK Investigational Site
Leidschendam Haaglanden Medical Center
Leidschendam Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Leidschendam MC Haaglanden /ID# 170150
Maastricht Maastricht University Med Ctr /ID# 143585
Maastricht Maastricht Radiation Oncology
Maastricht MAASTRO Clinic
Maastricht Ep0077 3102
Maastricht Maastro Clinic-Maastricht Radiation Oncology
Maastricht Maastricht University Medical Center
Maastricht Research Site
Maastricht Maastro
Maastricht Maastricht University, Dept of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology
Maastricht Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (MUMC+)
Maastricht GSK Investigational Site
Maastricht Maastricht UMC
Maastricht Maastricht University Medical Centre
Maastricht Metabolic Research Unit Maastricht
Maastricht Maastricht Radiation Oncology (Maastro)
Nieuwegein St.Antonius Hospital
Nieuwegein St. Antonius Hospital
Nijmegen Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Nijmegen University Medical Center St Radboud
Nijmegen Novartis Investigative Site
Nijmegen Canisius Wilhemina Ziekenhuis
Nijmegen Radboud UMC
Nijmegen Radboud University Medical Centre
Nijmegen Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
Oegstgeest Stichting Centrum '45/Arq
Rotterdam Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum
Rotterdam Erasmus Thoraxcentre
Rotterdam Investigational Site Number 5280001
Rotterdam GSK Investigational Site
Rotterdam Erasmus Medisch Centrum
Rotterdam Erasmus Mc Cancer Institute
Rotterdam Research Site
Rotterdam Novartis Investigative Site
Rotterdam Erasmus MC/Sophia Children's Hospital
Rotterdam Erasmus University Medical Center
Rotterdam Erasmus MC Cancer Centre
Rotterdam Sophia Children Hospital
Rotterdam Erasmus Medisch Centrum /ID# 136981
Rotterdam Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center- Neuro-Oncology Unit
Rotterdam Maasstad Hospital
Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Centre
Rotterdam Erasmus Mc
Rotterdam Erasmus Mc , Locatie Sophia
Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam Erasmus Medisch Centrum Daniel den Hoed
Rotterdam Erasmus University Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery
Sittard Stichting Zuyderland Medisch Centrum
Terneuzen ZorgSaam Ziekenhuis
The Hague Medical Center Haaglanden
The Hague Haaglanden Medical Center
The Hague MC Haaglanden - Westeinde /ID# 141405
The Hague MC Haaglanden - Westeinde /ID# 137222
Tilburg Instituut Verbeeten
Tilburg Sint Elisabeth Ziekenhuis
Tilburg Gamma Knife Center Tilburg, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital
Tilburg Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital
Tilburg Elizabeth Tweesteden Ziekenhuis
Tilburg Elisabeth Tweesteden Ziekenhuis
Tilburg Elisabeth-Tweesteden Ziekenhuis
Utrecht GSK Investigational Site
Utrecht Princess Máxima Center
Utrecht Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology
Utrecht Princess Maxima Center
Utrecht Prinses Maxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie
Utrecht Universitair Medisch Centrum - Academisch Ziekenhuis
Utrecht UMC Utrecht /ID# 170149
Utrecht UMC Utrecht Cancer Center
Utrecht Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
Utrecht UMC Utrecht /ID# 141406
Utrecht UMC Utrecht
Utrecht Novartis Investigative Site
Utrecht Prinses Maxima Center /ID# 204409
Utrecht UMC Utrecht /ID# 137219
Utrecht University Medical Center Utrecht, Department of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery
Utrecht University Medical Center Utrecht
Veldhoven Maxima Medisch Centrum
Venlo VieCuri Medical Centre
Wageningen Wageningen University
Zaandam Zaans Medisch Centrum
Zwolle Brain Research Center Zwolle
Zwolle GSK Investigational Site
Zwolle Isala

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