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 These webinars will start this Sunday and we have a great lineup and will be adding more topics!  The first event is a must see. There are some issues around the use of chemotherapy and steroids for patients who are exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

Posted on: 03/30/2020

Musella Foundation Webinar Series

We were planning a live patient conference in NJ this year but due to recent events with the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to host it virtually.  There is never any cost to participate – but of course donations are welcome!
The events will be presented live on our website,   click on the Webinar box near the center of the home page for the schedule and to participate. All of the events are on a Sunday night at 7pm eastern time.   There will be time for you to ask questions live or you can email us questions in advance (to and we will try to cover them.
Come to the room about 5 minutes before each event.  Our Zoom room can hold 100 participants. If there is overflow we will try to stream it live on Facebook.  Details will be on our website.  
The schedule is going to change but the first event is this Sunday evening, April 5, 2020 with Dr Eric Wong speaking about “Brain tumor patients and the COVID-19 Crisis” .  There are some important issues to discuss and this affects us all.  Dr Wong is a neuro-oncologist at Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School.
We also have webinars set up on these topics:
  • Optune For Brain Tumors
  • Combining Advances in Surgery and Immunotherapy to Maximize Outcomes for Patients with Malignant Glioma
  • Advances in neuro-imaging
  • New Technologies to Take the Guesswork out of Brain Tumor Surgery
And trying to get a few more!  You can suggest ideas for topics and/or speakers!


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