Musella Foundation Copay Assistance Program Status

Al's Comment:

 We got overwhelmed with calls, emails and faxes.  In some cases we couldn't return all calls and emails the same day - that has never happened before.  Sorry.  We did get to all by the following day.  But if you sent an email or left a voicemail and did not hear back yet, contact us again.    If you sent a fax, wait until Tuesday then if you did not hear back, contact us.  The best way to send an application is by uploading it on the website - that goes directly into our system. When you send by fax, it goes through a fax to email gateway then has to get imported into the system - adds a little time and complexity. Do not send by mail - by the time it gets to us, and we scan it and upload it,  the program will probably be closed. 

Posted on: 10/04/2020

Musella Foundation Copay Assistance Program Status

We received a lot of applications after announcing the reopening of our copay assistance program.   We usually have a decision within 1 business day but are now a few days behind.

I think we will have to close the program in a few days, so if you need help, apply as soon as possible.  Go to for details and to apply!


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