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This is a small study so of course it has to be validated in a larger study, but the initial results are very impressive. The concept is elegant. Instead of randomly picking a drug from the many possibilities at the time of recurrence, they test your tumor cells in culture with a large range of possibilities and select the one that is most likely to help you.  This has been tried year ago but the technology now is way more advanced.


This is only available in clinical trials now. See for details and to join it! They now accept patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent malignant brain tumors who are about to have a surgery, as fresh tumor is required to run the test. This is something to really consider if you are going to have a surgery.


Posted on: 12/17/2020

Study Shows Typical Cancer-Free Survival Doubled for Recurrent Brain Cancer Patients when KIYATEC's Test Informed Therapy Selection


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