Al's Comment:

For those participating in this fundraiser for us using the Amazon mobile app, you need to turn it on again.  Every 6 months Amazon shuts off the donation program and you have to turn it on again. It is easy and free - see instructions below.

If you participate via the website, no further action is required - just continue to use!

And if you do not participate but use Amazon a lot, please sign up for the program. It doesn't cost anything to you and it helps us raise badly needed funds! Just go to and select "Musella Foundation" as your favorite charity!


Posted on: 02/06/2021

Amazon Smile Fundraiser! Action Required!

Amazon Smile is Amazon’s charity program. Simple to use. You select the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc as your favorite charity (or any other charity you like), and that charity receives a small donation (about .5% of how much you spend!)  every time you make a purchase on Amazon and it does not cost you anything!
To participate on a web browser, go to instead of    Your username and password from Amazon works on  Select the charity the first time you go to and it will always remember it and you do not have to do anything else other than remember to always use instead of
If you use the Amazon app on your phone or tablet:   First you have to turn on Amazon Smile. Open the amazon app. Choose setting in the main menu. Choose Amazon Smile.  Turn it on. Select the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc (or whichever other charity you like) as your charity.    Then you don’t have to remember to do anything else. Just shop as usual. Buy lots of stuff! 
The problem is that Amazon shuts it off every 6 months and you have to turn it back on again.  They turned it off Feb. 2 .  Just turn it back on.  I will remind everyone in August to do it again!
In these hard times, donations are way down, but sales on Amazon are at an all time high – so why not help out. It is simple and won’t cost you anything!  Pass this along to your friends and family!


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