Al's Comment:

 This is only in mice, but it is very interesting.   Until recently, very little work has been done with dopamine receptor antagonists and brain tumors.  They used the drug Quetiapine, which is approved to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, along with Lipitor, which is used to treat high cholesterol.  The great thing about this research is if they find it does work in people, it is easy to get access to these drugs and it can make a difference immediately.  Of course, human testing is needed first.

On a related idea - the drug Onc-201 is a powerful dopamine receptor antagonist and is known to penetrate the blood brain barrier. There is a trial of using it at the same time as radiation in kids with DIPG. Wonder if adding Lipitor might be worth it. 


Posted on: 02/09/2021

New combination treatment approach improves overall survival in mice with glioblastoma



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