Al's Comment:

 This is another small study (we wrote about a similar study last year with the same results) which shows that for MGMT methylated patients, taking Temodar in the morning works better than at night.  The difference is about a 6 month average survival increase if you take it in the morning compared to taking it in the evening.  The level of evidence needed to prove it is not yet there but with 2 studies showing the same result, I feel it is worth taking the Temodar in the morning.  Traditionally it is given in the evening so you sleep through the nausea it causes but now there are good anti nausea drugs that can avoid that problem. If you still get nausea, talk to your doctor and try other anti nausea drugs.

Posted on: 05/09/2021

Temozolomide chronotherapy in patients with glioblastoma: a retrospective single-institute study


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