Al's Comment:

 I think this is one of the most important bills that can speed up our access to brain tumor treatments.  I helped write some of the words!    This would work perfectly hand-in-hand with our patient navigation program. Right now, our patient navigation program has brain tumor experts thinking up the best combinations of treatments for each individual patient. We give the patient and their doctors a list of 5-10 plan options, which we feel would be the best for them. Invariably, the best plans are hard or impossible to get, because they involve experimental treatments. We managed to get some of them under expanded access or under the right to try pathway, but that it too much of a barrier for widespread use. We need direct, easy access to these treatments.


Do not do anything yet. We will soon announce how to help.  Hate to ask - but we could also use some donations to help us with this. Make a donation at and be sure to specify "unrestricted" so we could use it for things like paying for the program that allows our members to contact congress easily.

Posted on: 05/18/2021

The Promising Pathway Act was reintroduced in the Senate on May 13, 2021

This bill will speed up the search for the cure of brain tumors (and other incurable diseases), while increasing the amount and quality of research, keeping long term costs down and drastically cut off the amount of time and money needed to create a new drug!
We tried to get it passed last year and failed.  It was just introduced again this week and we can not fail this time. The major impediment is that no democratic senators cosponsored the senate bill.   We are preparing to launch an effort to get this bill passed.   In about a week we will announce our plan on how to support it. In the mean time, let us know if you have any connections to senators or experience in getting bills passed. We could use all the help we can get. This is too important to let it fail again.


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