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 I will be speaking tonight about the Promising Pathway Act.  It is difficult to get across how important this bill is in just a short text blurb, so I am going to give it the treatment it needs. I will start with a little history of the Musella Foundation, and the reasoning for our various programs, and how it all ties into the Promising Pathway Act. This bill is a game changer. It will quickly impact the lives of brain tumor patients if passed.  I thought the same about the "Right To Try" bill, which passed but turned out not to make much of a difference (except to the few lucky enough to be able to use it!). We looked at the drawbacks of the Right To Try law,  accelerated approval, as well as the expanded access pathway and helped to create a new pathway that solves the problems and hopefully can allow us to make quick progress in the fight against brain tumors - while increasing the amount of research conducted, getting access to more treatments and holding costs down!

Posted on: 05/30/2021

Important Brain Tumor webinar tonight Sunday 5/30/21 7pm Eastern

Go to to particpate.No registration needed! We start on time so please arrive a few minutes early!

The Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Awareness Month ebinar Series concludes with a very special webinar tonight. Al Musella, DPM, president and founder of the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc, will talk about his thoughts on how to disrupt the current system and drastically speed up the search for the cure. It is a complicated concept and at first will sound insane, so he will walk through the thought process involved that hopefully will convince you that it is the best way forward, and that it can be done, in time to help patients who are currently diagnosed with brain tumors
We also have Tim Stuhlmiller, Director of Scientific Strategy at xCures, Inc.  xCures handles most of the work of our patient navigation program and registry.  He will introduce the new xInform platform. xInform uses artificial intelligence to gather and structure medical records and to create a summary of a patient’s cancer history. This “Cancer Journey” is used to create a personalized Options Report, where xCures’ PhD scientists match a patient’s specific case with the extensive xCures options library that includes all of the latest clinical evidence as well as evidence from patients in the registry.
Disclaimer:  Al Musella, DPM owns stock in xCures and is a paid consultant to xCures.


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