Al's Comment:

 I have to admit that when I first heard of Novocures' Tumor Treating Fields (which later became know as Optune), I was very skeptical.  I knew of old "electrical therapy" treatments that were really scams and I lumped Optune in with that.   I was convinced when I met the people who invented Optune and they showed me their preclinical data, and then when I saw the first group of patients do well. I met a few of them and some did very well.

  Now along comes another novel therapy - this one uses oscillating magnetic field (OMF) therapy applied through a helmet that patient wears for about 3 hours a day.  I wasn't so dismissive this time.  I looked at the case report (and it is only 1 patient so you can't tell much), but the tumor volume graph is impressive. It shows a massive growth rate for the 90 days before starting treatment, then with no other treatments, this device quickly caused a big reduction is tumor volume.  I would love to see a larger trial of this. It is possibly more convenient than Optune in that you do not have to shave your head, and can take weekends off.   Will be keeping an eye on this and I wish them luck.

Posted on: 07/26/2021

Case Report: End-Stage Recurrent Glioblastoma Treated With a New Noninvasive Non-Contact Oncomagnetic Device


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