Al's Comment:

 This is an overview of the major phase 3 clinical trials for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma.    Unsurprisingly, TTF  (Tumor Treating Fields, also known as Optune) had the best results of any phase 3 trials for Glioblastoma.  The most upsetting thing is that other treatments that looked good are not only not available but have been discarded and are no longer being developed. One such treatment is ICT-107. This was a therapeutic vaccine that did amazing in some people but it failed to hit it's main endpoint on a randomized phase 2 study.  Some analysis of the trial showed that it really was a success but not as designed in the original protocol so it was deemed a failure.   As this article shows, it still did a lot better than the standard of care (this paper considers the old standard of care before Optune was added).   I am trying to get a new law passed - the Promising Pathway Act - which would let us get access to the group of treatments from this article that did better than the standards but are not available to you now.  

Posted on: 09/07/2021

Lessons learned from contemporary glioblastoma randomized clinical trials through systematic review and network meta-analysis: part 2 newly diagnosed disease


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