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 Both webinars this week are very exciting. Note the new dates and times. We are doing a webinar on a Friday afternoon to see if we can get better participation.


The first one, on xInform, is part of our patient navigation program. Kenny Wong will speak about the new version of xInform software which gives patients a graphical representation of their cancer journey as well as a customized report on the best treatment options for them.     You and your doctor decide which treatments to pursue - we just supply the ideas - we do not do any actual treatments.  Since this is a new program, xCures is offering a $100 gift card for feedback to participants who go through a 15 minute survey after getting their report!    This service is free to our patients.



The second webinar is on KIYATEC's new test that can tell how the commonly used treatments will work on your tumor. It is more specific than the MGMT test. I have seen the presentation and it is definitely worth watching - and worth ordering the test which is now available!

Posted on: 09/21/2021

The Musella Foundation presents two webinars this week!

1. Friday Sept 24, 2021 at 2pm (Note new day and time!)
Topic:   xINFORM - Personalized Treatment Options Software.
Speaker: Kenny Wong, MS CGC, Chief Product Officer of xCures, Inc.
The Musella Foundation partners with Cancer Commons and their for-profit spin-off xCures to provide comprehensive patient navigation services. xCures provides a crisp graphical summary of each patient’s case along with a personalized list of treatment options. Both the summary and the options are produced using AI software called xInform.  This software is trained on data from experts, the medical literature, and our own Virtual Trials registry. Cancer Commons provides high touch navigation services that guide patients through the consenting process, help them understand their treatment options, and help them access those treatments through clinical trials and expanded access programs.   If necessary, Cancer Commons’ network of expert scientists and physicians will do a manual deep dive of your case to make sure no stone is left unturned.  What they learn will also make the AI smarter.
Please visit our website, and click the “Get started” link! That brings you to Cancer Commons where you sign up and consent to letting them and the Musella Foundation help you, then they help you sign up and consent for xInform.  This allows xCures to share your report and data with Cancer Commons and the Musella Foundation so we can better help you and learn from every patient so we speed up the search for the cure.
xCures is about to launch a new version of their xInform software.  They are looking for feedback on how well this new software works.  For a limited time, xCures is offering a $100 gift card to patients who go through the process, share the report with their doctor and complete a 15 minute survey giving us their comments.
This webinar will clarify the process – it is much easier than it sounds!
2. Sunday 9/26/21 at 7pm Eastern time
Topic: New Approach, Better Outcomes: 3D Predict™ Glioma Test Clinical Data
Speakers: Matthew R. Gevaert, Ph.D. : CEO & Co-founder of Kiyatec
Stacy Chick, MBA - Chief Commercial Officer of Kiyatec
This new test is now commercially available! It can test your tumor sample and predict which treatments will work the best and also which will not work on your specific tumor. This is much more advanced than the simple MGMT methylation test. In fact, they found cases where the MGMT methylation test was wrong – where Temozolomide would help a patient with MGMT unmethylated, and wouldn’t help another patient who had Methylated MGMT.  
To join, go to a few minutes before each webinar starts!


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