Al's Comment:

 Unfortunately we had a scheduling problem and have to cancel tomorrow’s webinar.

The webinar was going to be on Kiyatec's newly approved test called 3D Predict.  I wanted to tell our patients about the test, and we will have the webinar as soon as possible. This test is the best way to tell if Temozolomide is going to be worth using or not in your particular case. It is more accurate than MGMT testing. Of course it is not perfect, but just better than MGMT testing. It will also test other drugs and tell you which may work the best. 

It requires a tumor sample, so f you are going to have a surgery, it is worth considering asking your doctor about ordering this test. For details see

Posted on: 09/25/2021

Sunday's 9/26/21 webinar is postponed! 

The webinar we were supposed to have tomorrow, Sunday 9/26/21 at 7PM Eastern has been postponed.  We will announce when it is rescheduled.


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