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 This project lays the foundation for a new way to treat all cancers.  If successful, the methods could be used for any targets.

Posted on: 09/26/2021

Musella Foundation awards $50,000 brain tumor research grant!


Hewlett, NY 9/26/2021 - The Musella Foundation is pleased to announce that we have awarded a brain tumor research grant to Dr. Wafa Hassen at The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center for the project: "Exosomes for Targeting c-Myc in Glioblastoma Multiforme".

 The genetics and biology of GBM suggest about 60-80% of GBM patients exhibit increased c-Myc expression. Genetic studies in mice have unequivocally shown that directly inhibiting oncogenic c-Myc significantly suppresses tumor progression. Despite such dramatic pre-clinical evidence, targeting oncogenic c-Myc in people has been elusive. Some efficacy was reported with methodologies developed to target oncogenic c-Myc using small molecules inhibitors, but these approaches have not achieved clinical success. A new approach is needed.

This project will try to use physiological nanoparticles called exosomes to deliver RNA interference (RNAi) molecules to the tumor.  If successful, this will lead to a phase 1 trial in human Glioblastoma. 

They are also working on the same concept for pancreatic cancer, which also overexpress c-Myc.  

We will be watching this closely as it has the potential to be a major breakthrough for many types of cancer.


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