Al's Comment:

 The shocking part of this article is that only 10.7% of glioblastoma patients get surgery at a high surgery volume medical center. It has been shown that patients who have surgery at these high volume centers do better than those that get surgery at low volume centers.   There is a high bias against the poor, minorities and those with bad or no insurance.

This shows why our patient navigation program is so important.  

For the vast majority of brain tumor patients who get treated at smaller medical centers, it is absolutely imperative to get other opinions - like our patient navigation program. There are so many treatment possibilities now that it is very difficult to stay up to date on them all. 53 new cancer drugs were approved in the last year alone.  Any one of them can be used off label if you have the right genetic mutations.  Our team of neuro-oncologists and PhD researchers track them all and can help match you to the best drug combinations.


Posted on: 11/13/2021

Disparities in access to surgery for glioblastoma multiforme at high-volume Commission on Cancer-accredited hospitals in the United States 


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