Al's Comment:

The presentation title is: XCELSIOR: A real-time, real-world learning platform for patients with advanced cancer.  This is part of our patient navigation program. The idea it to create a learning system where a team of neuro-oncologists, PhD research scientists and nurse navigators - aided by an artificial intelligence engine - can learn from the experiences of every patient.  The registry tracks the outcomes of every patient - so we know what is being used and how it is working out. The system can easily track trials, standard treatments, off label, expanded access, and right to try treatments as well as the new combinations being used by doctors around the country and identify which are doing the best. I feel this is the fastest way to home in on the cures! You can participate by going to our patient navigation program


Disclaimer: I am proud to say I am a founder of xCures, own stock and am a paid consultant to their braintumor program!

Posted on: 11/13/2021

xCures presents the results of their oncology platform at the 2021 SNO Annual Meeting


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