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 This is the future of medicine.  All patients should be followed as if they are in a clinical trial. This would allow researchers to figure out the best treatment options and find what works, and for whom. It would allow for the creation of synthetic control groups that are better than randomization for a trial, since ALL of the prognostic factors can be accounted for.   The free service will help practicing brain tumor doctors figure out which mutations are the most important and which drug combinations or clinical trials might be best for your patient.  

Posted on: 11/18/2021

Presentation of XCELSIOR Observational Protocol for Real World Data Research

This is the Musella Foundation's (in partnership with Cancer Commons and xCures) patient navigation program as well as our registry to find the best treatment options for, and learn from, each patient!

The presentation is for those in the medical field who are at the Society of Neurooncology conference in Boston this week.

The poster will be presented  on Friday, November 19th from 7:30-9:30 pm EST in Exhibit Hall D.

There will be a discussion at Saturday Nov 20th from 1pm - 1:45pm EST Hynes Convention Center - Room 309. No reservation needed!

Doctors will be able to sign up at the meeting for the program to put their own patients through the process directly.  If you are not going to the conference, contact me at and I can explain the system to you and help get you started!




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