Al's Comment:
I am proud to announce that we presented a poster on our learning system at the recent Society for Neuro-oncology conference in Boston!  This was done in partnership with Cancer Commons, xCures and the Musella Foundation.  The poster explains the learning system and how it benefits everyone in the brain tumor community - starting of course with Patients - helping patients is the reason we created the system!  It also helps doctors, researchers, nonprofit patient organizations, pharma and  biotech companies.     I may be biased because I helped create the system and I am a consultant for it, and the Musella Foundation uses it for our Patient Navigation system - but I feel every brain tumor patient (or patients with other advanced cancers) - as well as the doctors who treat these patients - should participate in the system.  We learn from every patient and every patient gets access to xINFORM, which is our patient portal where you can get a customized, curated list of treatment options as well as see a concise summary of your treatment journey.
Doctors get the xDECIDE portal, where they can register their patients for xINFORM, and see the treatment options report and ask for help with any of their cases. "Help" can be having specialized virtual tumor boards which the doctor can participate in and ask questions of other experts, or help with getting expanded access for a patient.  Doctors can suggest treatment options or combinations for "Virtual Trials" and track the outcomes.
Nonprofits can use the system as part of their own patient navigation system - to get a scientific way of offering treatment options.
Pharma and Biotech can use the system in many ways - as a synthetic control group for single arm trials, to run expanded access programs in a way which generates real world data,  to allow our learning system to figure out the best ways to use their drugs alone or in combination with off label treatments - perhaps find new indications for their drugs, and even to run prospective decentralized or observational trials.
These services are currently free to all patients, doctors and nonprofits, but the Pharma and Biotech companies pay to support allowing us to offer the services to others for free!  Note that there is an ethical wall between the scientists who generate the treatment options and the business people, so we will suggest options only based on merit.

Posted on: 11/24/2021

XCELSIOR - A real time, real world learning platform for patients with advanced cancer 

  This is a poster that we presented at the Society for Neuro-Oncology annual brain tumor conference in Boston, on 11/19/2021!


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