Al's Comment:

 I love new approaches.  They are taking a graft of the omentum (which is parts of the peritoneum along with blood vessels, fat, and lymphoid tissue which plays a role in the immune system) from the stomach area and placing it into the resection cavity.  The idea being that this can bypass the blood brain barrier and allow drugs and immunotherapies to get to the tumor bed easier. Dr Boockvar points out the obvious problems of possibly feeding the tumor -but the only real way we will know if it works is by trying it in a few patients and see what happens.   There are other much easier ways of bypassing the blood brain barrier, but they are transient - it is open only while the procedure is being done. This opens the blood brain barrier permanently in the area of the tumor.

Posted on: 12/20/2021

Belly fat to treat brain cancer? Neurosurgeons test method to bypass blood-brain barrier


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