Al's Comment:
 Quality of life is key. Now that we are seeing patients living longer, quality of life becomes as important, or more important than length of life. In the old days when everyone died quickly we did not have to worry about long term side effects of treatment or the tumor. This project will let us learn not only how to keep people alive a lot longer, but at a good quality of life. #GBM
The article mentions the Musella Foundation as a partner.   This project is an extension of our patient navigation program's registry.   All brain tumor foundations are welcome to participate. All patients with a high grade malignant brain tumor are welcome to participate!    Contact me (Al Musella) for details.
Disclaimer: I own stock in, and am a paid consultant for xCures.

Posted on: 06/21/2022

xCures and Novocure® partner to better understand quality of life in glioblastoma


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