Al's Comment:

 This is another form of Sonodynamic Therapy - as I mentioned recently, this is one of the most promising new therapies for brain tumors.  It is noninvasive, and can be repeated if needed.  This trial is which is "Study to Evaluate 5-ALA Combined With CV01 Delivery of Ultrasound in Recurrent High Grade Glioma". Eligible patients have recurrent grade 3 or 4 brain tumors including Oligodendroglioma, anaplastic astrocytoma and Glioblastoma! this trial excludes DIPG but the other sonodynamic therapy trial I recently mentioned does allow DIPG.

Posted on: 07/16/2022

FDA Grants Orphan Drug, Fast Track Designations to CV-01 in Recurrent Glioblastoma 


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