Al's Comment:

 Two articles came out about this viral therapy that is approved in Japan for Glioblastoma.

The first is a phase 2 study reporting very promising results:   the 1 year survival rate for recurrent Glioblastoma was 84.2%. 16 of 10 patients were alive at the one year mark. This treatment is injected directly into the tumor up to 6 times.   As a result of this study, the treatment was approved in Japan with the name: DELYTACT .   I have been trying to get it for patients here in the USA with no luck but will keep trying!


The second article is the phase 1/2 dose finding study which had less impressive results: the 1 year survival rate was 38% but they did have 2 long term survivors.

Posted on: 07/30/2022

Intratumoral oncolytic herpes virus G47? for residual or recurrent glioblastoma: a phase 2 trial 


A phase I/II study of triple-mutated oncolytic herpes virus G47? in patients with progressive glioblastomand

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