Al's Comment:

 This is a potential game changer.   These authors looked for biomarkers that can predict success for Optune users, and found that a score composed of 3 biomarkers could differentiate between patients who do exceedingly well and those that do not. The difference is tremendous:   If your score was high, overall survival with Optune was about 82% at 45 months, compared to about 16% without Optune. 

Of course I would love for this to be validated in another group of patients  but the difference is so large we should consider it now when making decisions.   

If you have a high score, it makes sense to use Optune instead of a clinical trial that doesn't allow Optune use,  No clinical trial has ever shown the results this study has.

If you have a low score, either enter a clinical trial, or use Optune but add treatments that counteract the biomarkers..

These results were for Optune patients with poor compliance and were stll impressive. I would love to see the results with high compliance.

Posted on: 08/16/2022

Molecular alterations associated with improved outcome in patients with glioblastoma treated with Tumor-Treating Fields


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