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We gave out two grants today:

We have been foundational partners to the Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) for many years.  The CBTN operates a centralized tumor tissue repository where all of the samples have a complete genomic analysis and medical history. This resource is shared with the research community allowing for projects to be done that would be impossible without resources like this. The best use of the data is when a drug company develops a drug for adult cancers, they can use this resource to see if there are any pediatric brain tumors that might be helped by the drug.  This data has been used by 289 pediatric brain tumor research projects so far, and there are over 4,500 patients.

The second grant is unique - there is a clinical trial just starting and the researchers were wondering if the microbiome of the gut influences the response to the drugs in the trial.  It has been shown to have an influence in other cancers.  They asked us to fund this add on study.  We gave out so many grants recently that we ran out of money in our grant fund.  I asked the Cure Starts Now to split the grant with us, and they immediately agreed and paid half of the grant! Thanks to the Cure Starts Now we were able to quickly fund this worthwhile project!

Posted on: 08/24/2022

Musella Foundation Awards Two More Brain Tumor Research Grants!

Hewlett, NY
Al Musella, DPM 


The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc has awarded two more brain tumor research grants totaling $50,000!
They went to:
1. $25,000 grant to the CHOP Foundation for the "Children's Brain Tumor Network"
2. $25,000 grant to Dr. Cassie Kline and Dr. Jessica Foster at CHOP for the project "Understanding the influence of the microbiome on treatment and outcome of pediatric high-grade central nervous system tumors ". We partnered with the Cure Starts Now Foundation with each organization paying for half of the grant! 
About the Cure Starts Now Foundation
The Cure Starts Now Foundation is a charity dedicated to finding the “homerun” cure for all cancers starting with pediatric brain cancers.  It has 39 locations in the USA, Australia and Canada.
About the Musella Foundation
The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity dedicated to helping brain tumor patients through emotional and financial support, education, advocacy and raising money for brain tumor research.


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